Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Randomness Presents: One Plus One Is Two

Here's an interesting discussion I had: Types of couples. Which one do you want to be?

The Cute Couple - Bouncy, snuggly and happy are the trademarks of this couple. They fight, but only until one of them starts singing the Bumbibear intro. Probably the couple with largest survival chances. Unless someone kills them for being too cute.

The Clingy Couple - What, that's two people, not one? Really? And they don't die if you separate it... I mean them?

The Frustrating Couple - If you let this friend fall in love you won't see him/her again for the next two weeks, and you'll be happy if he even considers speaking to you and not his partner when the three of you are in the same room. Want to talk to either alone? Forget it.

The Practical Couple - No, hey, we just like the same things and don't drive each other nuts, and the sex isn't too awful, so, you know... we just thought, what the hell. Sadly, this one has pretty high survival chances too.

The Weird Couple - Imagine the two people in the world you think would fit worst together. Now make them lovers. They're defying the laws of nature and you can't stop thinking about it.

The Heartwarming Couple - You know, those two that seem to fit each other perfectly, always keeping an eye out for each other in small, heartwarming ways, making sure everyone else are jealous. Makes you wonder; are they really this perfect all the time?

The Token Couple - For some reason they think their partner is the perfect accessory to carry around. When it's one-sided it's sad, when both play the same game it's just hellishly annoying. And making out in public is just a small part of their reportoire.

Hm... can't come up with any more right now.


Rik said...

Hey wow, this is a weird thing to think about. I think I have a blind spot for how I look in relationships when it comes to this.

In a manner of speaking I kind of want to be in a Practical relationship, but that ain't gonna happen. I'm far too fickle.

Iceye said...

Heh, I out of all these, I think the Practical couple feels most, I dunno... useful. =P No, seriously, I think that's the one I want to be too.

Nallenon said...

I'd be interested in other peoples view on me and the Nightflyer, since I couldn't really classify us.

Rik said...

I'd say you're the Weird couple. Honestly, I couldn't have predicted your relationship in a million years. But you're weird in a practical way, I suppose.

Iceye said...

okay, to be honest, this stems from a conversation I had with Kenny Da Man. We did it the other way and picked couples, then gave them a description. You, Nallenon my dear, and your girl was indeed the weird couple. =P