Sunday, January 31, 2010


Writing the earlier post (read that first please if you may) I realized I'm a terrible fan for not staying updated. So I read up, and here's the news:
  • Deadpool movie absolutely and undoubtedly underway.
  • Writers of Zombieland have been confirmed to be writing it.
  • Ryan Reynolds is a looongtime fan of Deadpool, have read the comicbooks and are being a pain in the ass of directors, writers and generally everyone involved, at first by trying to get the movie done and then by trying to get Deadpool right. From the interviews I read (short ones, the man is not a media whore, yay) he seems to have the right idea of what Deadpool is so this is a good thing.
  • Reynolds agrees that what he played in the Origins: Wolverine movie is not what he wants Deadpool to be.
  • And the word is that directors and writers want to make the movie a reboot, not built on the performance in earlier mentioned movie (since it was shitty).
  • There is a really nice picture about, that I don't know where it's from because Reynolds claims there is no Deadpool suit yet and that he has not worn anything along those lines. It's pretty nice. Although obviously Deadpool would laugh his head off at it. I mean, jeez, where's your sense of fun? I bet he'd like to be depicted doing unimaginable things to cute kittens, or maybe holding the severed head of Immortal Man?
So a few worries are calmed. Choice of writers can go either way. Design of suit can go either way. Last line of worry: dialogue. Rumor has it they won't be afraid to break the fourth wall, like they do in the comics (Deadpool talks to the readers every once in a while, and refers to a guy with a typewriter as the "god" of his universe) and that could get interesting. I can see Deadpool narrating himself, or having extensive inner dialogues with himself while cutting people up. Spider-Man failed epically at that, but Zombieland is actually pretty good at inner dialogue now that I think of it, so yeah.

Hope has sprung.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Monsters and heroes

I've been trying my hand at drawing monsters. I'm terribly bad at it because a) my usual style is too "clean" for it, b) I'm too careful with shadowing and c) I have a hard time thinking in "fear", be it to draw monsters or write horror. But I'm getting there. Anyway, the internets quickly took me from monsters, to wondering why there are so few pictures of Marrow online. This is her: She is one of my absolute favorite superhero-women ever. Mostly because she gets to tap into that place where women seldome are allowed; in being feral without being sexy, possessing bloodthirst without grace, and most of all getting to be ugly! Her powers, although perhaps not the most scientifically valid among modern-made superheroes, take her where they never dared to take Rogue; where they ruin her appearance, make her outwardly the monster that other mutants hide within.

This subject quickly took me to my male most favorite "superhero" (more like... supermoron) of all time; Deadpool. The general Deadpool-fanbase seem to have accepted Ryan Reynolds.I'm inclined to agree. It's something about the way he moves, which is almost the most important since the proper Deadpool have no face to speak of. Now I want him to go where other superhero-movies have backed off: where we get to see a full transfer of character to the movie screen and not just the parts twelve-year-olds with minds ruined by mainstream hollywood movies would possibly manage to comprehend after two hours. The depth, the dirt, the gleefully grinning faces of the masses every time a mutant takes a blow. The right shadowing.

Ryan Reynolds have, oddly, also been cast as Green Arrow. While I can see why, I think it's a very stupid idea of him to agree to this because if he's going to put his face on one of these characters, he should do it on only one :P but money is money I suppose. Also I suppose and hope Deadpool won't have a face at all. So whatever.

This subject took me to casting of marvel characters, or comic characters in general. This page had lots I agreed with, and a few I didn't. I do not, for example, think Anne Hathaway should be the Scarlet Witch, in fact I don't think she belongs anywhere near a real superhero. She can be Lois Lane if she wants.

The most difficult to cast, ever, for me, is Gambit. I don't know why, it should be simple, there are those I care more about or have more specific characteristics. But there are so many and yet no one that fits as Gambit. The list I linked had Jonathan Rhys Meyers, which must be the most controversial suggestion I've heard so far. He'd have to put on some weight, but sure, he's a viable option. What do you guys think? This is Gambit:
There's many different artist versions of course, but this artist is the one I like best for both him and Wolverine. So who would play him?
Taylor Kitsch?
Josh Halloway?
or more controversially
Vincent Cassel?
Jonathan Rhys Meyers?
To be honest I hate all these alternatives. For some reason.

*melts away into the song* Gawd I forget between the times, but Nickelback is and will always be IT for me. I'm going to start rating singers by how much they sound like Chad Kroeger, because that's really what I do in my head anyway.

*longing for when I get moved in properly so I can bring all my comic books*

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Useless goddamn course

School in 25 minutes, meaning I'll leave in 10 minutes, meaning I should be brushing my teeth right now.

You know why I'm going at all? No, neither do I.

I forgot my window open so when I woke up there was a pile of snow on my windowsill AND ON MY COMPUTER SCREEN AND PS3 CONTROLLERS! That's why I got out of bed so fast. Don't worry, they're safe.

My class notes consist of three things:
notes and drafts on a thing I'm writing that I'm really getting into
philosophical, sometimes ironic, comments on whatever she's talking about
drawings. in pen. they look awful.

I'd get more out of these lessons if I brought my PSP. Yet somehow I feel like I'd socially really miss out if I didn't go, and also, that I need to get out of the house sometimes. Yeah. That's probably the only reasons I go. That and that I start at 2pm. If it was earlier than 12, I don't know if those reasons would weigh so heavily.

Well better get going then.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

When I Should Sleep

What would it sensibly take for me to censor myself? Is it right? Should I let things censor me? Is it out of concern for people, or for myself? Is it about whether I value my creative freedom higher than people's feelings?

I don't mean writing gossip, or stuff actually about people. I mean fiction, poems, word-art. I mean as a writer. Should I give in to a censor, be it out of respect for a person, or fear of consequences? Do I, as an artist, put creative freedom above individual people's feelings towards me or others? Yes. Yes I do. But the risk of hurting someone tears up conflict in me, be it because they're interpreting strangely, or because they're stupid as dead fish. What about in the cases where they'd be justified to be hurt? Where what I write is clearly provoking, intentionally or otherwise?

What I mean is; please tell me it's silly to censor myself for this. That's what I want to hear. I want to be able to turn it off. This compassion hindering my excursions into a higher world, and my ability to share it.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Only "your favorite..."-question I actually can answer.

Första Kapitlet - Det enda sorgliga i hela boken, men icke desto mindre absolut nödvändigt.
Andra Kapitlet - Vari det sker någonting mycket besynnerligt, som dock har sin naturliga förklaring.
Tredje Kapitlet - Som handlar om Katten och några stövlar, vilka icke voro hans, samt om familjespöken.
Fjärde Kapitlet - Där läsaren får veta några siffertal och göra bekantskap med en osympatisk figur.
Femte Kapitlet - Vari läsarinnorna hållas skadelösa för det föregående kapitlets saklighet genom att bokens hjältinna framföres i en både ståndsmässig och tilltalande gestalt.

This would be the first five chapter "names" in a book from 1905 called Markisen av Carabas. I own for some reason a 1921 edition where they've instead named it Mästerkatten i Stövlar - En Munter Roman (I have no idea why or how, records of book printings from 1921 has proven hard to find, I found the book on Wikipedia only because some famous swedish actors were in a movie made from it in 1918. Because movies are more important than books -_-) It is written by a danish guy called Palle Rosenkrantz, and I have no idea what it's called in original language (possibly the same thing).

I don't know if this book and/or this author is/was famous. I assume it reached some kind of fame since it was made into a movie. I've probably mentioned this book to some people before at some point, because this is a very late post in the sense that I've known what I'm about to tell you for a couple of years. It just hit me that I should make it grandly official. I also have no. fucking. clue how I got this copy, I can't remember if I found it in a second hand store or stole it from my grandparents... I don't know. All I know is, whenever I go somewhere for a longer chunk of time I have to weigh the risk of damaging or losing it versus the idea of leaving it behind because:

I declare this my favorite book of all times. The 21th century can go fuck itself.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Movie of 2009 Award

Movies seen lately (not in any particular order):

Ice Age 3 - <3 <3 <3 - it is very impressive of a no.3 in a series to be as good as no.1 in the series, especially when no.1 was very good too. But I like no.2 best, still, maybe because it was the first one I saw. Still, dinosaurs charm me. Throw in a t-rex and I clap and nod, give me a triceratops and I'll forgive you anything.

District 9 - <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 - I always find it easier to sympathize with animated cricket-like green aliens in terribly unfashionable clothing tearing humans limb from limb than I do with humans. I am completely serious. But aside from that, amazing movie, with amazing actors that I've never heard of before but deserve fame and fortune. It's just right with the gore to make it stay with you, and just right with the story to make you feel with the characters, but not mindlessly cheer for them. And I insist the alien was named Christopher! That's what I heard!

Beowulf (the semi-animated one) - <3 <3 - not much to say. It's fun trying to look through the legend and try to find the man and the actual story. Haven't seen any other Beowulf movie either. It has swords and kings and dragons and a naked Angelina Jolie. Blah blah blah.

Coraline - <3 <3 <3 <3 - dunno if this is actually for children or not, but it's a stop-motion doll movie in kiddie style, kinda Nightmare Before Christmas. Something about this one just freaked me out to no end. It gave me nightmares where my mom cut off the limbs off some poor animal she made me hold, and then started digging into my hand.

Sherlock Holmes - <3 <3 <3 - and one of those hearts is solely for Jude Law, whom I otherwise don't like so much but who is great in this movie. It's entertaining, but wasn't worth going to the cinema for, and Robert Downey Jr made such a perfect Iron Man than seeing him anywhere else is like it would be seeing Tony Stark putting on a pig tail and chasing zebras around a ballroom. Not good, and not funny. Also way too hollywoodized for my tastes.

Pandorum - <3 <3 <3 - I am a relative noob at horror, and especially space horror. This movie might hold lot of clichés that I missed since I haven't seen any other of them. But it was well made, and paced very nicely, and managed to have a plot not entirely predictable which is very good for a horror movie. It also had Norman Reedus, very briefly, I rest my case.

Avatar - <3 <3 <3 <3 - I would give it five hearts, but the harsh and honest truth is that the story leaves you lacking in every single way. The CGI is amazing, and see it in 3D, and I really recomment seeing it. There was true potential of a very, very epic movie here. But the moment you see the first of the alien race, you know the story. They do a reasonably nice take on it, but that can't hide the fact that it borderlines plagiarism, if that can still be applied to something that's been done over 9k times before. That it still manages to be one of the best movies ever says something about how good everything else in it is.

The Happening - <3 <3 <3 - I didn't see the whole movie, missed the start, so I can't give it a fair score. Some ppl think it's silly, I think you gotta stop looking for silly and just close your eyes and listen to the wind and let him tell you the story. Open your mind. I liked it.

I was going to give my Movie of 2009 Award to Inglorious Bastards. It's the first time I've seen Quentin Tarantino return to the genius of Pulp Fiction, instead of fillers like Kill Bill or Death Proof, or I-don't-know-what's like From Dusk till Dawn. But District 9 gave it a good fight. I think the Bastards bring it home thanks to the extra points of Christoph Waltz, despite a few weak moments in the cinema with Brad Pitt (a flaw of the script rather than the actor), because I have to pull a few points from District 9 for making me biased by involving cute baby alien. Still, the two are as close to equal as you can get without actually being it :P

That's all for the Movie Review Corner for tonight. Over and out.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A fleeting feeling

I can no longer skate
This wonderous artform
the only trace it leaves behind in the world
graceful, even lines
shallow on the cold, hard surface
and gentle ripples through cold air,
like flying without wings

I can no longer skate
and don't for a moment think
a blind man can miss sight ever as much
as the one who once saw,
he constantly reminded,
nevermind that the colors in his mind
glow brigther than in the eyes of the seeing.

I can no longer skate
While i borrow the strength
of your thighs and your calves and your wrists
to propell myself forward
like I borrow your eyes to see the world,
the bitterness of flightless creatures
is mine to cherish and to savor.