Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Little Red

Here's another scanner-sweep contribution... I have one in yellow too but this was more dramatic even if it looks like a communist banner. =P I love silhouettes!!!

I'll post the portarait of the person in question tomorrow.

Now I have to draw a front page for the christmas compendium, write a page about hydrogen gas fuel, and run around sneaking photos of everyone here with my cellphone-cam so you can see how they look. See you guys tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sleep-less consequences

I think my craziness yesterday and today was the result of too little sleep for two weeks, because I just crashed. This evening we had a lecture about health care, some old guy talking. The moment my ass hit the chair it was like someone had poured dough into my brain and mixed it with a handmixer. The guy didn't even have the chance to start talking. I spent an hour desperately keeping myself awake to keep some sort of self pride and respect towards him, but I think it showed a lot, i was basically reeling around in my chair. -_- My head was spinning most of the time and when I moved my hands and feet it was really hard to keep a sense of where they were. As for now, I've escaped to my room. My lamp just died, but whatever. I'm thinking I should do something to kick my brain back into action and then go to bed early. (And why I'm blogging instead of doing that, I do not know.)

Apparantly I get cute and frantic when I'm about to die. Good to know that's a sign, but unfortunately I'm probably too cute and frantic to do something about it if it ever happens again.


(I just thought it fun to inform you about the picture of Shemhazai: inspiration for necklaces and general pose fetched from official popstar JC Chasez, hair from our own unofficial rockstar Rikard Molander, dress is only to blame on general angel-badtaste, and boots so that I don't have to worry about whether angels have bodyhair.)

Here's the next pic from my scanning-sequence; Akibeel in his workout clothes. I tried coloring it, but gave up. Who wants colors anyways! Black and white says it all.

I just realized this blog has a sadly small amout of boy-talk, disregarding a couple of fictious characters and an angel in disguise, is it really that mr. Jacob is the first boy mentioned? (mr. Jacob being the prettiest codename I've thought up since SunnyDay) Well, he is hard-earned eyecandy. Most people here are either too trashy (longhaired rockers), too fancy (metrosexual) or just not handsome enough for my usual tastes (yes, I'm horribly shallow). Not that the girls hold much better quality, but that I can live with, since it lessens competition, and I'd never dare to make a move on a girl anyway (okay, so I don't dare boys either -_-). Well, there, that's enough boy-talk for the coming six months. Glad to have that done and over with.

Now, if you want to talk Akibeel's workout habits, or Shemhazai's true personality, or Kirya's further development, or Leon's scratchy manly voice, or the fact that Lance Bass from NSYNC does the voiceover for Sephiroth in KH, or Riff's motives in Godchild (omigodomigodomigod), or maybe rummage forth some more pictures of Cloud, or, when I think about it, the fact that Ezequiel is the Master of Clouds so I had to make him cool and handsome, then I've got all the time in the world.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I feel a straaaeeengee mooood comin' a-over me!

I'm in a strange mood today. Maybe because I was praised by a teacher. Maybe because mom woke me up at 8 this morning when I have no lessons and I was up until 3 last night. Maybe because I got my 1gb ram. Maybe because I discovered I can play God of War on "hard". Maybe because I got to watch the handsome mr. Jacob eat today (he makes eating estethically beautiful... O_O I know!) and he is so single again now. Maybe because I found the great hall empty and dark and could dance around and pretend mr. Jacob would come in and talk to me. Maybe because I won chocolate. Maybe, simply, because I am a cat and cats sometimes go crazy. To better illustrate the essence of my state of mind, I have made a comic:

Nuff said.

Monday, November 26, 2007


Since you've been nice and helped me with judging the poem just below here (do continue elaborating upon it), I'll give you another picture. Heh, some people have seen most of these drawings, but this will give you the chance to critisize them outside of the reach of my kittyclaws. Anyway, this one no one have seen. It's my first sketch of Shemhazai, really quickly made, but I like the feeling, and the necklaces. Some will notice his name is missing a "h", and I'm still not sure if I want to have it there. Semhazai/Shemhazai... it's a big difference, but I don't know which one's better.

BTW, what are the other animals in the Lynx-family except the lynx itself? Cuz other cats are called feli-something, right?

Hänsyn för de dummas skull

Jag behöver mina vänners goda judgement i en lite tricky question. Jag har skrivit en dikt, och nu undrar jag helt enkelt om det passar sig att använda den i mitt lilla häfte jag ska knåpa ihop (as I have whined about earlier) eller om den är för... jag vet inte, du vet...

Säg mig det jag redan vet
Analysera vädret
Skopa full enfaldighet
Förringa aktivt värdet
Av denna syn och klarsynthet
Som alltinget har givit
Min egen sinnesverksamhet
Den styggelse den blivit
För din ögon, blinda två
Som inte jag fördömer
Dömer du allt jag förstå
Och samtalet uttömmer
Hänsyn för de dummas skull
Är straffet du utmätt
Förståndets outtalta tull
Skuld som ett koppel, fjäderlätt

Lite aggressiv, kanske? Jag vill höra hur den låter i andras öron. Och säg som det är nu! Verkligen! För jag vill inte stoppa in den i ett häfte alla andra ska läsa om den liksom motarbetar syftet som jag skrev den för.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

We want more drawings! ... okay ^^

K, Kristin encouraged me to finally pick myself up and do the scanning I've been meaning to do for several days. This leads to the consequence of having several drawings to show you at the same time, which is not optimal. Thus I will post only two here today, and do the rest later.

To the right is Keloria, though I cheated with the hair, because I was exhausted after doing the dress. In reality she has a form of headdress draped in cloth too. It was hard as hell to ink it, so it actually looks better like this, smaller, since the tiny mistakes with the thinner pen doesn't show so much. ^^ To the left is a random Lunar female, as an example of how they usually look, to compare with the males' more barbaric style (Falorn and Felahr).

I wish we had useable words in Swedish too like female and male. But most of all I wish any language I know had a gender neutral word that doesn't reduce people to objects, like "it".

And yes, Lunar females are very flat-chested. This really isn't a problem either seeing as the men are so beefy, so gender is completely obvious anyway.
Um... *waves* I'm still alive despite the daring piece of photography in the comments to the Weekend post... just wanted to let everyone know... and... I want to add that... um... if anyone else has anything of the sort... ... *blinks*

I'm a one-tracked mined in a one-tracked world... (To the tunes of Emilia's Big big girl)

I haven't been online (at all) since two days ago (!!!) and this is because of the reasons stated in the previous post. ^^ Me and Alexander have played RE4 like rabid dogs, and Isabell, Therese and Anna have been watching biting their nails in fear. Playing gets a lot more scary when three girls sit behind you and stare at every shot you fire like it would be your last, and one of them screams every time another enemy enters the screen (I have to say that would be Anna, to preserve Therese's honor). To that we have added a light touch of Guitar Hero and Singstar, and a few minutes of FEAR and Jak II. This night Nick (den glade skåningen) and his PS3 had a fight-night so me and Alex headed over there playing boxing, hong-kong action, manga fighting, and olymic sports. To sum it up: I haven't missed internet. Unbelievable, I know.

Wanna know something cool? Nick's PS3 was crowded with about five, six guys (including Alex), and me. And it really felt like no one cared that I was a girl. They cracked a few female-unfriendly jokes without giving it a second's hesitation. As if that didn't boost my confidence and well-being enough, I played that manga fighting game for the first time and beat Axel two times (it's a cool name and he's a cool guy) and almost Alex (who's played it a hundred million times). It was the PS2 one with Sol Badguy (that's actually his last name!!! ^^) and Ky and stuff... I've seen pictures from it all around the net, but never seen the actual game. It was good.

I feel invigorated, empowered, boosted and alive.

Hey, did you notice that if you swap the letters of "game" you get "mage"? So cool. Then, to be really cheesy, you can make "mager" out of "gamer", and a "mager" would obviously be the logical word for the "overmage", the one who makes other mages. So... damn, everyone else blogs about God and parental law and, um, communist pigs, I feel so Jack Sparrow. I'm gonna go write some really deep poetry.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

This weekend will be spent:

Eating microwave pizza
Watching Alexander play Resident Evil 4
Picking on Therese until she plays Resident Evil 4
Panic-freezing trying to write for the Christmas compendium
Sleeping through the short, useless hours of daylight
Reading Godchild, basking in blood and death and gore
Basking in blood and death and gore in Resident Evil 4
Repeatedly dying in Resident Evil 4
Eating more microwave pizza

And depending on whether my 1Gb RAM arrives:

Playing F.E.A.R.
Playing Vampire
Playing Sims2
Playing Quake 4
(or maybe just one of them)

And it will be the best weekend ever. ^^


I'm so embarrassed about my last post that I don't know what to say. No more "just a little post before going to bed"-posts! Just disregard that rambling (except possibly the first three rows, despite that I just now censored it, because I can't just remove the entire thing even if it sucks, that would be cheating) and read the nice poem The Chair another time instead, because it derserves the attention, right?

Fourteen days until the writing project has to be finished. I need inspiration, I need poems, possibly sensible, good-looking ramblings, but essentially in Swedish. I think I need more interaction with people, but phones don't work in this context. Hmmm.

Therese spent two hours playing Tetris on our tv-box since we can't get it to do anything else (like showing regular tv-channels). The silly thing was how the rest of the house gathered around her, chatting, writing, cooking and eating, everyone watching her playing Tetris at snail-speed. I'm in awe at her patience. And how little colored cubes can bring people together.

the Reason Why I am Obsessed with Poking

Subtlety is the grandeaur of life. The ability to understand someone from just one look. The feeling of knowing someone without a spoken word. It rules our lives, the little things that we never really think about, or that some of us spend their lives thinking about.

What I'm really talking about here are manipulation skills, that I will spend a lifetime refining, no matter how unsociable I am. I watched that episode of Bones (S1 Ep4 or 5 or something) when Angela drops her purse next to Booth's girlfriend and starts a conversation to get to know the woman and poke deeper into their relationship (the nosy little dudette, I can so imagine doing that myself if I ever got the chance) and I thought: I want to be able to do that. But the hardest opponent for me is female, beautiful, drinks alcohol, about thirty, loves children and majors in women's rights. Picking those parts apart, one would find that my perfect victim is male, my age, average in appearance and physique, teetotaller, haven't given children much thought and majors in some kind of technical subject like science or computers. Huh.

But everyone has manipulation skills, more or less. People use them in different ways and to different ends, but we all do everything we can to change our surroundings to the most profitable possible. I am a perfectionist, especially in the matters I learn only by myself (not from school or other people) and so I want to know what people do to me, how, why, what I do to them and how to do or not do that. A million lines of tripwire rigged around my whole beeing, mixed with tripwire illusions, tingling, tangling and tickling people where I want them.

As for the matter of the thirty-years-old woman, I would like to try sometime. But I am aware of that to do that I would need makeup, more classy clothes, a purse full of stuff I pretend to use and a purpose. Mostly the clothes.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Chair

Is it your place, that chair?
Where you gaze far into
the ruins of your castle,
its intricate labyrinths
where walls have been razed and stairs fallen
and not even the god who once built it
can find the way to its heart.

Is is your bridge, that chair?
Between life and death,
one foot on the side
of your children’s mountain,
one in the vale of your sisters’ graves,
falling, rising, but never closing,
just slowly fading away.

Is it your life, that chair?
angels looking down from the shelves
with eyes, that once meant, on you,
you shake your head but
I wish you would say yes
so that you could rise, from that chair
fly or fall;

be free.

/for you, grandma

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sorry Kirya-fans!

Sorry you guys! This is the first time I haven't kept the 1chapter/week ratio since I started Kirya. I won't point the blame on something else; I've just been distracted and utterly uninspired. My life seems to exist in waves of different aspects, and while I've been in the creative flow for a really long while now, it seems life has continued on into the nerdy phase where all I can think about is silly flash games, monitor reviews and statistics, difficulty level of Dawn of War and whether or not I should buy Magna Carta or renew my World of Warcraft account.

I'm sure the tides will turn once I've played myself bored out of my mind with F.E.A.R (oh, what a pun, hahaha), realized Wow is still too expensive and Magna Carta too old to be found, and cleared Dawn of War. But until then, I'm taking a break. Especially since we have to fill a whole compendium with short stories, poems and other trash before Christmas, and since I'm so uninspired I can't seem to write even ten decent poems (it's in Swedish, for pillow's sake, and to fill it I feel now that I will have to use some English poems too, or I'll never make it).

This will also give me time to figure out the details of the Golden Mountains. Killing is fun.

So. I'll be back. Just not right now.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Nerdy Gerdy

Since I can now surf somewhat fluidly, I started out looking for a first-person shooter. I found F.E.A.R. and the recommended system said: please have 3.0 GHz. I thought: crap. But. Gamespot was nice and provided a online service that checks what your computer can manage, and judge my surprise when it states that my AMD can manage stuff up to 3.2 GHz!! When did that happen?! Not that I complain. ^^ *happehness* It did complain about that my graphix don't do DirectX 9.0c, so I looked for cards that do. Three hours, loads of googling and reviewreading later, I have this:


Graphix: Radeon X1600 Pro
Monitor (LCD): Mirai DML-419W210
or: Acer AL1916WCS
Sound: Trust Sound Expert Optical
And I should find a better mouse, but I'll do that tomorrow.

Learned today:

Which Radeon you Want To Own.

The Meaning Of All GC Endings, eg. Pro, SE, Hypermemory, sosf.
Difference between LCD and CRT monitors (okay, so I already knew that, but not the details).
Difference between VGA and DVI monitors, why DVI is better, and the stupid extras like DVI-I.
Meaning of Hardware T&L (Transform and Lighting).
Use of S-Video, HDMI, TV-Out and why LCD tv's are easier to connect to a computer.
Why ATI kicks NVidia butt on my computer (because I have AMD processor, which btw kicks Intel butt).

And I am so going to be corrected x 1000 now, because I'm probably wrong about everything. But I've proven that: Learning is fun! And rulez.

Now meanwhile I've busied myself writing this (as much for my own memory as your information), I've burned all burnable stuff on my com so that I have some free space. Puh. Let's go to bed.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Maybe now I can play Quake 4 again

I went crazy yesterday and ordered a gig memory for my com, as well as some books. -_- Not buying stuff is impossible! It is! And while I know I can't really afford it, I'm still stupidly happy.

Looking through the available ports on my com to decide whether a two-port 5.1 sound card was worth the trouble, I also found dust. Lots and lots and lots of dust. I learned what a DDR2 and 3 port is, and what a PCI port is, and that sometimes it might be good to dust out your computer just to control the general population of little gray creatures. Seriously! I also decided filling my last 2 PCI ports with one basic soundcard sounded slightly uncomfortable, so I'll wait and see.

Other than that... I thought I had a hundred things to do, but I can't seem to remember even one of them... o_O So I've wasted my time drawing (not exactly wasted, it was a good drawing) and looking through radio stations.

Observe: Jordana Brewster is hot. H. O. T. And now I want to see her in a good, serious role so that we can observe whether she has the skill to balance that hotness.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It could be so simple to get along!

I, and everyone here, share bandwidth with all the little houses in the area (of school). Lately it's been close to impossible to even just open blogs, because people are using BitTorrent and the likes. (People, it doesn't matter how fast or slow you download using torrents, it still eats up the bandwidth, through claiming a dozen or more ports!) So today we had a meeting to ask for some common sense.

Walking into the meeting room, you could see from body positions who would protest and who would not (feet on the table is not a good sign). The whole thing, as feared, turned into some kind of throwing around of stupid personal arguments and intentional misunderstandings, when the fact is that we have to share so let's be sensible, and let the downloaders download during the night. Simple enough. But it seems people are just determined to do things the hardest way possible, stepping on everyone's toes. Fine, we got the message through, but we pissed off a few people, and half an hour after we got back to our rooms, internet completely crashed. Tell me it was a coincidence. Just tell me.

And I who was hoping to be able to use MSN again.

Anyway. Some idiot was here last night, really late, sneaking into houses, trying to get into rooms, scaring some people half to death. He didn't belong here, and he hardly made any sense at all. So from now on: locked doors.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Step Away From My Father!

Okay, now I'm egocentric but you have to hear this. Today we had that "don't drink and drive" thing at school (again), yes yes very relevant to me who have seen the "informative movie" twice before, don't have a driver's license, don't drink, don't party and don't take walks along the highroad. Anyway. Afterwards the woman showing the movie talked about how to stop a friend from driving drunk. She said if you can't, you can always anonymously tip the police and let them take your friend in (good advice methinks). She went on saying this, roughly, but honestly:

"Then we are so lucky to live in northern Värmland where we have aChief of Police named *insert my father's name* who thinks it's very important to hear what the people have to say, so he has installed a special phonenumber where you can call, and always get to a policeman on duty in the area, no matter the time of day. (Since the normal phonenumber keeps connecting you further and further away if no one answers, eventually dropping you off somewhere god knows where, like Skåne.) The rest of the police areas in Värmland doesn't like this, since it's so good, and they don't have it."

I swear, that's what she said! She praised my father for, like, 10 minutes, going on about what he'd done and that she'd met him somewhere. Damned. Never let the woman near him without my mother's presence, I say. But aside from that, I could have lifted like a balloon from my chair from pride.

Sorry. Had to vent it. I'll call dad tomorrow and tell him. And watch him balloon too ^^.


Wow, I'm already tiring of the banner... I have to settle. That said, I have just moved into a different room at school. Smaller, but cozier. The damned curtains, I tell you, they drove me out of my mind. These ones have dropped all pretenses and ambitions and are just simply white; thank pillow for ambitionless curtains.

Drew this pic, might look better if you click it. Had major problems deciding background color and layout, but this is how it ended up for now. There is a point to that only their clothes are colored ^^

There are opposite-colors that make stuff look good, but I've forgotten the opposite of purple. Is it yellow? Maybe I should have made the background yellow...

Anyway, I'm hungry. Let's eat.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Screw organized religion

Aside from writing like a smurf on speed and finally doing my Buddhism homework (should have been done two weeks ago =P) I have tried out MechQuest (.com) which was fun as a waste of time for a little while, and talked to Madde on msn until her computer had the heating experience of too much Jocke-bullshit and with a smashing goodbye entered the next gigaplane of existence.

A very good quote from the buddhism papers I have:
If you understand, things are as they are. If you do not understand, things are as they are.

While I think buddhism is okay, it's like this in the end: I do not believe organized religion is the right path. Sure, it sounds great that someone finds the true purpose of life and then passes it on to the rest of us. But doesn't this sound quite reasonable too: that we all discover small parts each, and if we puzzle them together we will get to the truth? The atom bomb would never have been discovered by one single person; it was a collaboration over dozens of years, discoveries built on each other. The ultimate truth would be something like that, I imagine.

I puzzle together my own belief through what feels right in the soul, and while traditions and stuff is nice and a way to bond with people, they are just that: traditions to honor because it gives peace of mind and shows respect towards our fellow humans. Religion, on the other hand, is personal. It shall be practiced alone and in seclusion. That's what I think, anyway.

We have too few traditions in Sweden, also. For a muslim to turn to Mekka, a Japanese to pray in front of the home altar, a catholic to say the evening prayer, it focuses the mind and gives a sense of familiarity in which we can always relax no matter where or what. I think I'm going to construct my own little tradition. I will return on that.

A Way Through Heaven (C7)

I really got to feel how difficult it is to write someone to be good without being pretentious or... just silly cliché now, and I am pretty sure I failed. But. I still like how the chapter turned out, and I have plenty of ideas for chapter 9 now. Only have to get through chapter 8.

And this chapter is actually named "A Way Through Heaven", even if the file says something else -_- I'm too lazy to change it now, since I only post this temporarily, and when I've written chapter 8-9 I'll group them up and post them more seriously.

So here: Chapter 7. And it's probably not like you think it is. =P

Saturday, November 10, 2007

My cat is still ill, coughing, wheezing, having trouble breathing, and now throwing up. Paying the vet didn't help at all. Yet the damned cat is still stubborn enough to run around outside in the cold and fight other cats, and I bet he's beating them to a bloody pulp too. I am very worried, though. I love him more than I love most people. I'll curse every last miserable quark of his eternal soul if he dares to go die on me.

Good Deeds

Shemhazai finally cooperates, I have drawn a nice picture of Akibeel, and I successfully defeated the devils of social interaction and went home instead of going on a stupid Halloween party and had the best time eating candy, writing, and watching tv with my mom and my cats. See? Forget being popular, being happy is so much better.

And no, none of you know who Shemhazai and Akibeel are, but you will. Akibeel is such a horrible name, by the way, but I'm still coming to like it now just because of what I'm doing with it. (Well, a certain someone might have heard the names since I have borrowed them and he seems to know everything about absurd and munchy details =P)

And Sara, thank you so much. The little talk we had on the phone about angels and what a good deed is was so simple, but it helped enormously, it finally molded the picture in my head of the angels into something that I can work with. Without it, I would have sat uninspired and frustrated for another week, I'm absolutely certain.

Nyum nyum...

So... if celebrating Father's Day doesn't ruin my plans, I should have the next chapter finished tomorrow. Hehe... I'm starting to set up deadlines for myself... which is scary.

Friday, November 9, 2007


All apologies for joker-letterboxes has been accepted. And do you notice how I get six times more expressive when I'm irritated and pissed, than when I'm happy and content? If I was pissed all the times, my writings would be over 200% longer... =P

I sense that I'm going to be irritable a lot from now on, though. I like the darkness and isolation of winter, but I hate the cold. Maybe it's the cold that kicks me down into depression every winter (peope speculated it was the darkness, but I've never found lack of light a problem) and in such case... what the hell to do? Move south as soon as I can? Meet you in Spain, dudes and dudettes.

On a completely different note... I never saw the movie where Littlefoot's mother dies. But I can feel the sorrow when you tell it. ^_-

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

God, I hate those little "write the screwed up letters and numbers you see in this popadelic picture of happy colors and lines in this little box or we will actively destroy your life" things. Please people, come on, I will, as my brother kindly points out, have a DAMP attack.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

This Did Not Make Me Happier

Actually, it's possible this stupid quote I happened to read did the impossible and jumped through the screen, grabbed onto my face like a buttugly little Alien facefucker and shot a load of human insuffrability at it's absolute let-me-stab-you-sixtyfivethousandtimes-best down my throat.

Read on Gamespot's user comments concerning a coming Playboy Magazine issue featuring girls from video games:


ok 1. girls dont play alot of games anyway. IF your a girl and your a hard core gamer, there is something wrong with you in the first place. 2. guys, WE ARENT COMPLAINING! we want girls naked, DUHHHH the sales will go up DEAD OR ALIVE 4

Followed immediately by:


oh yah and, go lok up some real porn for christ sakes.

I pride myself with being a calm and sensible person, but hey,


Wow. I don't think there's anything wrong with guys wanting to look at pretty girls, but then I didn't think there was anything wrong with hardcore gaming girls either. I must have so much to learn about the world. Hey, Soccerballs, if I go to therapy for my gaming tendencies, will you seek help for your idiocy?

Flat on the Floor

As anyone who reads this blog or is in my life knows, I was to Uppsala during the break. The nice part is that I got to meet everyone, and my life took a big happy swing upward. The not-so-nice thing is how I completely fell down and crashed first thing after getting back, and now I'm completely, utterly flat on the floor, emotionally. So tired, y'know?

Look, honestly, I don't need more friends. I don't want to puke op my intestines trying to be nice and social and polite and correct and find more ones. Come on, please? Give me a nice black hole in the forest. Or through my head.

And if I'm going to be an author and work a little by the side with some weird-ass technical shit, why do I have to write essays on Buddhism when all I really know I have to learn outside of lesson, and read idiotic modernistic ugly unorganized books with golden pages by some freak little partygirl with shiny shoes and blackboardscratching colormatching and a bottle of whiskey in her belly who thinks she knows how it feels?

And why does everything I write have to make sense? Goddammit. If you guys would just accept that things are as I say they are, hey, why not just read my mind right away and I could skip the work of writing it down? Okay. Now I'm being ironic and a little frustrated with how Semhazai absolutely refuses to cooperate with me in the next chapter though I love him so much,

but the rest is serious.

Monday, November 5, 2007

I think I just figured it out. Cloud, I mean. To make it make sense to those of you who wouldn't if I told it as it is (= the rest of the world) I'll make a nice, religiously incorrect analog. Cloud is simply the skin that my person angel took on to be able to reach me, since I would never have paid him attention if he'd said he's an angel.

When I told him I'd figured him out, he just smiled a little.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


I've been posting stupidly many Swedish poems considering this is an English blog, but I just haven't had time to write many English... well, I'm going to post something for more short-term enjoyment anyway:

From the song "Feathers of Angels."
by Leroy Veronic

Through the eyes of the angels
the world must seem dark
with its tempests and trials of life
In the arms of the heavens
beneath showers of light
they must look with surprise on our strife.

Can you see the feathers of angels
raining down like blessings of sky
Can you feel the mercy of angels
to with love correct all gone awry

This is an excerpt from a human-written song in the One World universe, depicting just what humans really think of angels. It'll probably show up in the story too, but I just felt like I've been out of poems for a long while now. =P I don't stand for it, believe me, I'm too dark, but most people think angels are good, right?

Chapter 6

Okay, so chapter 6 is finished. I post it in a package ch 4-6 because it's annoying to have all these shard files put up.

Kirya ch 4-6
(chapter 6 is called "Strength of Borrowed Arms" which I am very proud of since titles are so hard ^^)

And the next chapter is somewhat of a challenge for me to write, I know that already before starting since it's of great significance for the story how I write it (yes, fun huh?) , plus that school starts again tomorrow... which means that my schoolwork will suffer significantly.

Well, Einstein never liked school either.

Friday, November 2, 2007

For curious

Some people wanted to read a silly little thing I wrote a while ago. It was the first time I finshed a story that long (115 pgs) so I like it simply of sentimental reasons. It's cute, slightly shonen-ai, and surprisingly cohersive. I might edit it and make it cooler sometime, but very likely not, either way, it's fun.

So I'm putting it up. I've changed the name a hundred times, but right now I call it The Return (the file is named Driac and Kaory for different reasons).

The Return

Don't take it seriously, but enjoy.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

vagueness of light and darkness

I got to write 3 hours (of which 20 minutes were spent defeating Microsoft Word's ego) while people were at school today. Reol finally found his place, and I finally decided for how Kirya's form of battle will look. ^^ I think that was the last piece of her person as she is now, and I am embarrassingly proud of myself.

I need to add darkness to the darkness, so to say, because I think the image given so far has pictured demons as rather okay creatures, and by human standards they're everything but. It's just the Lifestealers who aren't really demons but have been clumped together with them by humans and angels.
I also need to add light to the light, because so far, angels have appeared like violent one-tracked idiots, and I mean, obviously there's a reason that people think of light and darkness as they do. Angels have helped humanity immensly. But I'll have my opportunity to better their image soon.

I want to write more! =P