Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Expressive Simplicity

Hey, still have some problems with the blog :/ hope I can sort out just why it decides to go all slow and laggy and bog down my entire internet as soon as I view it, does it do that to you too?

Anyway, I've just been poking around in the absense of sensible sleep and was going to try posting some crap just to see if it's gotten better.

This i a logo for something I don't remember anymore. I saved it along with several other funny/good/otherwise interesting logos a few days back. Tell me you didn't first have a flash thought of "hey, what do you mean eight" before you saw through it?

I remember someone writing that they thought the AXE logo was ingenious because the A was the spray can, the X was the spray, and the E was the upper body of someone lifting his arms. But when I look at it these days, all I see is two penises and a big X between them... as if it's selling itself as "man repellant".

It's the logo equivalent of O.O and :O! It's also the baby of a film roll and the Scream ^^

Dunno what this was for either... but awesome, in it's simplicity.

What were they called, those things with a vase and two faces...

Okay, so it's just toblerone right? I never looked at the logo, because it's a mountain. I figured they made the candy that shape because they're from somewhere with a mountan and whatever. But. The place they're from is apparantly named something that means "city of bears". I've known what a toblerone was since I grew teeth, but I never saw that before.

Another logo at least I have seen a thousand times. I never look at logos much, so this was just some random pattern I didn't give a crap about. It isn't so random though, obviously. I might be the only one amazed by this one...

Finally, this is an ad. A serious ad, with a very professional-looking home page. At first I thought it was just a funny word pun and they were some sort of business people like accountants or whatever. But no. These guys are litteral, as far as I can tell.

I hope this displays right on all different screen resolutions. With blogger's unsettling way of handling pictures I can't say I'm convinced it will. Cheers!


Alex said...

This made my day during slow/break hours at work, thanks! ;)

Kristin said...

Took me a while to find the bear in the Toblerone logo. Looks good on my screen, dunno if anyone stills has a 4:3 screen.

Yeonni said...

As a side-note, I've noticed that AXE have changed the font of their logo a bit, I don't know if this is just on a special type of their spray or on all cans. But they can no longer be interpreted as penises, unless penises are square. Maybe they noticed how it could be seen and changed it :p

Sara said...

Hahaha this was great. And no, I have never seen the bear before either. Cool!