Sunday, November 15, 2009


What if marriage (or any other action or ritual or idea that symbolises monogamy) is sort of like that mantra that people learn in the military? (Do they, for real? I'm assuming so for this discussion.)

This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

I don't know why they have it exactly, but I can imagine there are strong psychological reasons. Pretty much the same as monogamy, no? Imagine:

This is my husband/wife. There are many like him/her but this one is mine.

The thought struck me and stayed, and you know what, I kind of like it. It makes me happy. ^^

There are many like him, but this one is


Riklurt said...

I believe the American Marines actually have that mantra.

And yeah. It is a good mantra for many things in life, probably including marriage.

Alex said...

Having someone is awsm, although theres something about "There are many like him/her" that removes some of the uniqueness in us all. I know you dont mean that though =)

We never learned that exact mantra in the military here, but we basically learned that without your gun, you're nothing as a soldier. Even if your task is something completely unrelated to the task of firing a weapon(medic for instance), you're still #1; a carrier of weapon and #2; your serving task.

Alex said...

What I ment was that the gun completes a soldier.

Which makes your comparison to marriage really cute and good.
She/he completes me.


Yeonni said...

Well, the thing is... we're all unique, but we're all also very very much the same. The exact same. Compared to the distances of the universe, or the myriads of combinations of atoms and molecules in existance, human beings are very much the same as each other, just like every rifle is very much the same, although the make and model vary.

The way I see this mantra you acqnowledge that there are millions of wo/men out there, like there are millions of rifles, but you have chosen this one, this one is yours. The only thing making this one really special, is that you have chosen it. I find that beautiful, somehow.

Sara said...

Yeah I wrote a really nice comment before but my internet decided not to post it so I'll try writing it again.

I think this is how it works too. There are many potential partners all around and I would be a fool not to see that, but I stick to my guy, even though I know that it's likely that there are a lot of people better suited for me, statistics say so. Why? Because he's mine, I chose him and he chose me. He makes me feel good, so why would I change guy? I already have one. And it feels really cool to single someone out from the crowd and be singled out in return. But in the end it's still just picking someone.