Thursday, December 30, 2010


I keep wanting to draw comics, just short ones, but still. Some stories make better print, and some make better drawings, and some I'd suppose make better film. Since my writing has come to a standstill and I can't seem to conjure up the strength to push it forward, now my brain is yelling at me about comics and animation. Something that, if I don't have time to write, I certainly don't have time for :P

I feel like a magicarp splashing around on land :< so much potential, so little time (before I suffocate and die from not being in the water :P)

Recently read a discussion about pokémon, where they talked about the "fainting" concept. Most people, it appeared, like I, never paid any attention to the word "faint" and saw it more like they died and were resurrected. I for one always thought of it as "aw crap I killed it" when you knock out a wild one and thus can't capture it. (It kinda makes no sense that because you knocked it out, you now can't keep it... O.o Do they get teleported away into crystal stasis whenever they lose consciousness? Ooooh nobody will get that reference xD the geekiness!) I imagine they called it fainting because it's a kids' game, but if all the kids imagine them dying anyway... Think people are a bit too careful with these things; it's electronic imaginary monsters, ffs.


Riklurt said...

But if you kill them if they faint when you try to capture them, how come you can't take the corpse to a pokécenter and resurrect it?

If it works on your own pokémon, why doesn't it work on the wild ones?

Nallenon said...

Because the spirit, the essence of the pokémon, it's life-force, is stored inside the pokeball. You may think that it just shrinks them, but it actually breaks them down into a molecular stasis, and rebuilds them every time they are opened and closed, but the portable devices cannot properly rebuild a dead pokemon without permanently killing it, which is why they have to get the extra power needed to do that in the pokécenter.