Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My People

The world is probably full of people like me, who want at least 5 days a week to be silent stories, stress-free although not necessarily work-free, preferably people-free. Days where talking to anyone at all is an optional thing, as is leaving home ground, and where I can dive into something for six hours straight, whether it's writing an essay or playing pokémon, without being interrupted or having to speak one single word. Where one can really concentrate and create something good. From what I can deduce out of the information available, there are quite probably quite a lot of people like me.

I don't meet a lot of them, because I've been taught that they're losers.


Or maybe I do, and we both pretend to not be like that.

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ShadoWolf said...

Read the book "Introvert" by Linus Jonkman. Quite interesting with lots of lol moments ;)