Friday, December 26, 2014

The Cool of Violence

Doesn't quite belong here, but I've been annoyed at mainstream media glorifying violence for a bit now. I enjoy a violent movie as much as the next person, but when "realistic" movies have fight scenes that go on forever it just bores me; a punch is a punch, and violence has impact because it's terrifying how easily we break, but also how skill and training can teach us exactly how to avoid taking that one critical blow. The glory of violence is perhaps really how one avoids it.

Therefore when I was derping about in K-pop space, and came across this music video, I almost stopped watching it because it seemed to be another "rushing into random violence is cool" thing. Or possibly a "skinny guys can totally beat up career criminals by power of being pretty". But it deserves a look, because it takes it somewhere that is actually cool to me. Trigger warnings are in place here, because when I say it's violent, I mean it really is, especially for pop videos :P And um, the song is meh, that's not the point.

Fangirl notes, in case anyone cares: I don't know MYNAME very well, they're of the newer generation that feels a little young for me. I have however seen Seyong in other shows - the guy with black hair in the video - that is how I came across this. And because I like him (he's very young, so more like one likes an adorably puppy), this video was all the more shocking really! Maybe that's why I'm ranting about it here. Emotional collapse! XD


Adli said...

Korean POP = K-POP iam right??

Yeonni said...

Yup, right.