Thursday, September 25, 2008

Girl in Green

I got a sudden urge to draw boobs. So here, enjoy!
(I know the background is kinda slobbish, but whateves, it didn't have boobs.)

Also... I accidentally discovered something awsome when channel-zapping: serious, cute, non-joking, non-provoking gayness in a Swedish-produces drama series directed at the large crowd. I'm impressed.


Rik said...

Your skills at computer-based mediums is improving at a frightening rate, I must say. Wicked differences in the colouring compared to many of your earlier works.

It's a good picture, you know, kinda vanilla, but good; what really impresses me though, are the colours.

Iceye said...

Thanks! I somewhat sensed the vanilla-ness so I decided to add some mint... or pear? Pear sounds about right. Yes. This is a vanilla-pear flavored picture (/w boobs). ^^