Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Tiger's Cave


Pull myself up
Take the step
Move about in the big wide world and
open my eyes until the dry air make them hurt.


Dive into the pond
Stick my head into the tiger's mouth
It doesn't matter if I answer the question right because
its fangs were made of foam.

It's strange, but...

No matter how much I drink
Or if I put a bucketfull by my bed
Only the humid breath of the tiger soothed my eyes and it was
warm from the heat of its lungs.


Rik said...

Pretty. I don't understand anything, but is pretty.

Nightflyer said...

I like the new look!!! Very very very pretty!! =D=D=D

Sara said...

I like it too. And the poem. And you ^_^

Kristin said...

This one is for you, Da-Ryun:

Kristin said...

And this one too:

Iceye said...