Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Alphabet Song

Time to break form and do something silly. I get sudden inspiration during some of my walks, sometimes for the best poems ever, sometimes things I forget soon afterwards, and sometimes... sometimes things like these come to me without any effort... :P

The Alphabet Song
A is for Anarchy,
B it is for Blood,
C is for Carrie White,
D the Devil's hood.
E is for Extacy,
F is Famine's breath,
G stands for Griseliness,
and H's the last in Death.

I is for Eye sore,
oh, I got that wrong
J is for Jabberwook,
oh, what a silly song.

K's first in Killing spree,
L's a Lamia,
M is the Madman's dream,
of Necrophilia.
O is for Opium,
P is Pedophile,
Q has gone out of town,
in R for Reaver style.

S is for Cyanide,
oh, I got that wrong,
T is for Terrorist,
oh, what a silly song.

U is the Underworld,
V for Vatican,
W is so very Wrong,
and X is all that's banned.

Y is for Why, why why,
oh, I got that wrong,
Z is for inbred Zwine,
it's time to end this song.


Kristin said...

This seems to be a time of silly songs... Yesterday I finished playing Portal, which ended with a very qute song :)

Rik said...

About that, Kristin... where have you been the past year, to manage to avoid me, Anton, Björn, and Sara singing Still Alive at every moment someone mentions "cake"?

Nallenon said...

I like this song :D
You have a great mind.

(Also a great HDD, that I fuly intend to raid as soon as my computer is back up and running again, but that's another story)