Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I've written more lately than you might think. Sadly there's no updates to Kirya yet, and The Island still needs that inspired rewrite that I'll give it someday, I promise. What I've been doing lately instead is to just write. Sit down with no pressure, no purpose, and no aspirations and just write what comes naturally. If the story makes no sense or it all seems unlikely, it doesn't matter. I've removed all outside pressures of "how should a good book be written" or "this sells" or "the reader must understand what's going on" and all that crap. Sure, that's important, when writing as a skill or a job. But just writing, this wonderous thing that I discovered as a child and that allows me access to a world beyond this, it doesn't need all that. Just writing, which is what I really love and not the make-sense-commercial-writing.

Since I've gotten stuck with several of my serious projects because of those things, because all the formalities robbed me of the passion, I decided I'd start over. So yes. Lately I've been writing random shit, sometimes what just comes to mind like a diary, sometimes stories from a random thought or a dream I had and just let them develop as they will, with barely any editing, often writing the whole thing in one sitting without rereading anything until I've finished. Most of all; they don't have a deliberate point or moral to them.

Vanity, that I've already uploaded, was halfway such a thing. Not quite as pure, and definitively not refined enough in my opinion. But I finished one today that could possibly survive as a text even outside the protective love of my computer. So I'm uploading it. It's also in swedish, for a change. 6 pages, called Vandraren (for now at least). Do let me know what you think. I say that all the time, but no one ever does XD I'll just keep trying.


Rik said...

I'm reminded of the Scripture of the Dancing Maiden, now. "It taught her the joys of dancing poorly".

Good stuff, this is! Yoda pleased. Yoda will later your story read, for five in the morning is it!

Alex said...

Woa, what a climaxed ending.
Really liked the buildup, and you left it very open to the readers imagination about what really happened (unless I just fail at swedish).
In a sense you kinda left enough leads throughout the story about what might happen, yet not enough to make it a boring ending.

Nightflyer said...

Lite småkrångligt att hitta Vandraren... Den heter 'Gästhuset' på mediafire.

Iceye said...

Sry about the confused link. Mistake. All good now.

Thank you Alex :)

Yoda should be sleeping at five in the morning, methinks. Five is pushing it even for Jedi Masters :P