Monday, March 8, 2010


Blogger suddenly backstabbed me with 1.5 line distance like:

this. Why? It ruins my poetry, and looks ridiculous.

But on to (now redicilously looking) poetry:


1. The loaded anger of many little simple syllables.

Words and faces

clothes and places

brain and flesh and matter

Bulky pieces

aunts and nieces

staged fashion disaster

Comfortably numb.

Great ones snoring

small imploring

middle-men are fretting

All these choices

thought-out voices

knowingly are letting

us stay comfortably dumb.

2. A "close my eyes and write fluffy stuff" moment.

If I saw a butterfly I could imagine

that it came from far away with fateful flaps of bright blue wings

that it would land on my doorstep

and spell messages in hidden languages in the snow.

If I saw a butterfly I could imagine

that beneath its many insect eyes lay greater minds

that it would sprinkle bright blue dust upon my eyelids

and give me dreams of greater worlds.

If I saw a butterfly I could imagine

that its wings were the transformed veil of a priestess of the sky

that there were plans and life and fate behind its presence

and that would change my plans and life and fate.

It makes me wonder:

if you see a butterfly

and only see a butterfly

is it prettier than my butterfly?



Nallenon said...

looking back at your blog, hasn't it been doing the line-space-thing for a really long time? It just doesn't look the same when you write paragraphs rather than lines. Not sure why it does it, but it doesn't look like a new phenomenon.

Riklurt said...

The line-space thing occurs for me when I copypaste things in from a word document. I'm not sure why, but maybe it is the same for you?

In other news: The second poem was my favouritest of these two. The first one felt like it was holding back somehow, but the butterfly made me think and feel simultaneously, which is impressive.

Kristin said...

I think blogger does what the new word does: every time you hit return it decides that that was one paragraph and you probably want extra space before the next one, which doesn't work so well with poetry.

David said...

I agree with Rik, the second one is a hands-down good poem, and I don't say that readily about free verse.

I see the same butterfly.