Saturday, May 29, 2010

Me me me

Sometimes when I write here, I think, this is really egocentric. Like, the most self-centered thing ever. I'm writing whatever shit is on my brain, and expect other people to read it. Why would I do that? Who the hell do I think I am? I don't even write about something relevant, like human rights or war or Britney Spear's newest meltdown.

Then I think, if people don't want to read, they can leave.

That would admittedly leave me without readers, worst case scenario. It would make me a person writing only to myself, which sounds kind of sad... but I just realized that that was what I was doing before blogs existed.

Current shit on my brain: want a hug. Not just any hug. The hug. Also, want my Dong Bang Shin Ki concert DVD. I hope it ships really quickly. I let Sara and Kat have the tv for an entire day with their concert, quiet as a mouse, so that when it comes, I can conscience-free demand Kat to extend me the same courtesy. I am such a scheming little... ^^


Riklurt said...

Dong Bang Shin Ki in Chinese means "Eastern gang letter guest" roughly, but I guess it doesn't mean that in... Korean? Is that Korean?

I think you writing about you is the most interesting part of this blog. I'm honestly more interested in you than human rights or war or Britney Spears' newest meltdown.

I'm nosy like that. Also you're a genuinely interesting person.

Yeonni said...

Actually, in Chinese it's "Tong Vfang Xin Qi", or I think it's spelled like that. In Japanese it's "Tohoshinki". It does indeed not mean what you said. So with this new information, do you know?

Yeonni said...

I also just realized that I contradicted myself. I said I knew no words that were the same in Japanese and Korean, but "shin" and "ki" in their name is indeed the same. Chinese-stolen words, no doubt. So go me.

Riklurt said...

Without knowing the chinese characters for it, that could mean a lot of different things. "Equal square news air" maybe?

Yeonni said...

How about the chinese characters then :P this is turning into a chinese test but... fun :D


Riklurt said...

I think that means roughly "Eastern place, rising spirit" so... I dunno how to translate that to make sense, exactly, but "Rising spirit of the east"? Maybe?

Yeonni said...

Very good :) as I've seen it it's been translated "Gods rising from the East", a cocky hint at pwning the music industry, starting from the East and spreading :D