Saturday, April 23, 2011


Alone at last....!

Nah but because I'm spoiling my cat silly I'm staying here over Easter instead of going to my parents (and also because of some silly notion that I'd use this time to do some school-work... yeah! right!) and it's odd being on my own. It's something special about being absolutely certain that nobody's going to walk through that door without my explicit knowledge and consent (if all goes as it should). Not good or bad, just special. I think it makes the world sharper, more distinct. Having people around dulls the edges, for good or bad. Eases the pain, makes you a bit drowsy. Cats just eases the pain without dulling anything. Go cats. It sounds like I hate people but that's not true. I need people. And while I love to hate to need people, I need people to love to hate, otherwise I'm not sure I'd be neither loving nor hating and that would be incredibly dull. I think. Also it's more the need that I love to hate, rather than the people. I think. Hmm. Let's leave this subject before I confuse myself too much.

(Edit: People you know and/or like, that is. Random people just provoke random feelings, as their randomness suggests.)

Easter! Bunnies, chickens and eggs! All the fluffy and/or edible things make this one of my favorite holidays. Actually both bunnies and chickens are edible... Anyway, I thought about picking some sticks and buying some colorful feathers and stick the feathers on the sticks (haHA!), and then the second part of the thought involved sewing them into my clothes so that I get one of those back-fans like Edea in FF8:

except it would be made of sticks with colorful feathers, but I think I should settle on the first part. Also I think I'd get to keep it for about two seconds before I'd have a very happy cat tearing it to shreds.

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