Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Modest Request

Oh hai. A bit of shamelessness coming up. My brother is in a hockey team, and they need to pay for stuff like renting the ice to practice on, or equipment and travel. There are a few ways anyone can get them money without paying a dime themselves, only sacrificing a few seconds or minutes whenever they feel like it. You won't need to get out of your chair, or open your mouth. I don't like to be pushy and demand things from people, and I'm also trying to maintain a sense of anonymity in this blog, but at the same time this is an excellent place to ask people. So I'm putting it out here and if you think it sounds reasonable you can get back to me either in the comments or on other media and then I'll tell you all about it elsewhere. It literally only takes you between a couple of seconds and ten minutes a week, and it might give you stuff like discounts depending on what you do, and it's absolutely legal and will not ruin your credibility, neither your street rep. It's possible it only works for people in Sweden, or Scandinavia, at least the stores and stuff involved are mostly local so the discounts may only be useful for people here, but I'm pretty sure you can help anyway if you're extraordinarily selfless. Alright, now I'm done, and will never mention this again ^.~ Peace out.

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Sara said...

I require more info, please... Email me?