Monday, May 30, 2011

Bloody Bird

The silliest things can trigger a big philosophical discussion inside confused heads like mine. I found a newborn baby bird on my balcony today, it must have fallen out of a nest somewhere and was lying there just breathing. Ugly as fuck, but the whole "it's a baby" instinct was triggered nonetheless and my first thought was to protect it from the cat and dog, and find it something to eat. Well, then I realized I can't bloody well raise a baby bird. Neither do I want to. So I was caught in no-man's-land between instincts, the other instinct being "get this crap off my property". Also, birds abandon their babies if they fall out of the nest, as far as I know. Then my roomie reminded me of something important, when I texted her the issue. It's a bird. A bloody 4AM tweeter. Beneath that innocent ugly exterior beats the evil little heart of a flappy crapper. I have at several occasions expressed that their only good trait is eating insects. There is only one type of bird I don't actively dislike, and that's because my shallowness happens to override my bird-dislike - I find it pretty:

The philosophical discussion was: compassion. Is it a trait of a superior race to express compassion towards  even a race we generally dislike? Are we compassionate towards other races because we can afford to be? If humanity as a race had to fight for survival, then would we show a great deal less compassion for species that could be a threat to us? Compassion is somehow something we take very much for granted. Is it a part of being human? Or a part of being Universally Good? Can we really expect that if we'd encounter extraterrestial beings, that they'd have the same traits as we do? That they'd give a damned? Well... it's when I hit aliens that I decided to leave the discussion.

The turnout was that I, after much battling with myself, reached the conclusion that I can't express disapproval of birds and then not kill a baby bird for the single reason that it's a baby. That'd make me a hypocrite. Was it an adult bird I wouldn't think twice. Also I believe my cat is my partner and not my captive and slave and want him to live according to his feline instincts as far as possible - we should both compromise to coexist. So. I opened the door for the cat, with a sense of satisfaction with my conclusions.

Loki promptly picked up the bird and ran in and put it under my chair. No! That's one compromise I will not make! Out!


Anonymous said...

Altho you decided the faith of the bird, you made the cat do you dirty work! hmmmm..

You make a great evil mastermind!


ShadoWolf said...

Poor baby. I would at least hit him very hard on the head before giving him to a Master of Endless Torture (Cat). Even though torture comes natural to them and is a natural consequence for birds and Cats other victims, I have the means to deliver a swift and (hopefully) painless death so if I can I do. I find tormenting pain for no good reason, especially when it can be avoided, incredibly...unsettling, to put it mildly. Even if it concenrns "only" a bird, baby or not.

But I'm no better than still laughing at the whole thing, mind. And I respect what you believe to be a just compromise in your relationship with Loki to give him permission to act on his instincts. Because otherwise I'd be the hypocrite who prefers outdoor cats...^^

Yeonni said...

I did think about killing the bird first. Although it's very hard for me to kill something so utterly helpless, it could have been a more "humane" thing to do. But maybe not the more natural. Cat moms give live prey to their kittens to play with, so I acted more cat mom in this case.

So which is hyprocrisy really? I wouldn't want someone to torture me for no good reason, or for any reason at all for that matter. But neither do I believe in interfering with the natural way of things, like cats playing with live prey. Hmm.

ShadoWolf said...

Well, I dont't know which is what but if you want to let him play with live prey why not wiggle your toes, hm? I mean, instead of making someone else suffer. ^^

And since cats "play" with live prey as practise to become better hunters, then why exactly would Loki, as an indoor cat, need such practise? Introoders? Or do you have mice under the sink you wish to have dealt with? In that case, ask Dog. More afficient. ^^

Yeonni said...

You wound me with the implication that I'd have taken an indoors cat :P He does indeed insist on only going outside at night because he's afraid of pretty much anything that moves in daylight, but he is fully allowed to go wherever he pleases.

ShadoWolf said...

Haha, sorry, my bad, was not aware of that! Well, end of story then ;)