Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Philosophical corner 942

So here's what I figure happens when you die: see, that moment when you're born, I imagine inside the baby's head is going on something of a panic attack screaming "put me back in right this instant you crazy bastards!", and then we get used to being outside. Well, dying must be like being put back in. Coming home. I believe (I have no scientific proof, any logic reasoning, and need neither) that when people die their "life energy", what some would call "soul" although energy is more appropriate I think, returns to the world. So it must be like a sigh of relief, I imagine. Being dissolved from this limiting form and return to the bigger One Whole (the Mothership!). I imagine it would be like a dolphin swimming with its family in free waters rich of fish, gliding through the universe, or like being a stream in the ocean free of thought or feeling.

So, essentially, to me, death will be good. I'm telling you because this belief might influence what I'll say next: I'm really fucking curious of what death is. I really look forward to dying because I'll find out. Whatever it is, I won't be disappointed, I just really really really want to know. So immortality, not for me, unless I somehow find out without dying that death really sucks, like if there's a psychotic version of hell or something.

And on to the next Philosophical Mumbo Jumbo: I asked myself, if I found out that my life would end tomorrow, what would I do? If I had a week or a month, I'd spend all my money and go see a concert, I'd go find my biological parents, I'd save kittens, I'd tell everyone how exactly I felt about them. But one day? The first ting I thought was: I'd do exactly what I do every day. I'd just keep doing what I'm doing, and then I'd die. And that would be fine. So although I bitch and whine (especially to myself), apparently I'm rather satisfied with my life.

Then I asked myself another question: what would I do if I found out that tomorrow my life will begin? Hm? What would you do?


MadCatMk2 said...

This was well, a pretty damn interesting post that, thankfully, you kept short. Not cause what I don't like what I read but because it actually made it readable.

I find your views interesting. I don't think anyone isn't sooner or later tormented with the same questions.
My version of the answer is probably more dull:
"Death is the cease of life". Therefore nothing, null, nada, zip. No dolphins, no energy going nowhere (unless we're talking science here).
Although yes, if you die peacefully at old age, it probably is a relief!

I also think differently on immortality. While if someone was actually immortal it would be unbearable to live a life like that. All these memories, experiences and anything they'd be gone through would be unimaginable to bear with I believe.

I'm more of the "I want to live for ever only to find out what happens in the end to humanity" person. And it's as bad of a "want to know" as death is to you!

Riklurt said...

To me, the difference between "nothing" and "peace" is... well, nothing. From where I'm standing, MadCatMk2, your answers are the same, pretty much.

The only discernible difference between a living brain and a dead brain is that there is more motion going on in a living brain. Therefore, I think, the difference between life and death is simply the difference between motion and stillness. To live is to do. To be dead is to not do.

Yeonni said...

I kinda think so too. I don't think that if my energy was released, I'd still be able to perceive things, the dolphin metaphor is more... an abstract visualization. Returning the energy means ceasing to be human, erasing all difference; essentially I think it's the relief of oblivion.

I guess the "I want to find out what happens in the end" curiosity is worse, because I am far more likely to find the answer to my curiosity than you to yours! I have absolutely no interest in what happens to humanity. Boring. When the time comes for me to leave, I'll be glad to be rid of them.

MadCatMk2 said...

@Riklurt Sorry to disappoint but "peace" or "nothing" cannot be felt after one is deceased. At least the way I look at it. Therefore it's not possible to "feel" relief actually.
"Stillness" can't be felt either.

ShadoWolf said...

I can't help but fear Nothing a little because most of the time I like being a concious creature.

But still I agree with Riklurt; that the difference between nothing and peace can be nothing. To be totally indifferent and unawears, to have no impressions, reactions and feelings or what so ever might be such a comforting notion while dying that the last thing you'll ever feel is peace and relief. Afterwards, when you're dead, one might say that you are at peace- no matter what you felt the instant before that.

And actually, I've heard that elderly people die happy because their brains releases all kinds of feel good chemicals right before the end. That must certainly be a relief ;)

Yeonni said...

mm the relief is something that happens when you die, not a persistent state after you're dead, I think, but in my case I imagine it's also something of a symbolism rather than actual relief. Being dissolved, that should count as a relief, right? Not having to hold together anymore.

Riklurt said...

From the point of view of physics, that's most certainly true. Energy is indestructible, but when something dissolves, it's released. Release, relief, they're closely related concepts I think.

To die is to stop being motion, and instead become heat (which is technically also motion, I know, but it's not _coherent_ motion, that is to say, it isn't held together).

hapi said...
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Nallenon said...

I disagree with Rik for the simple reason of D's Curiosity. Saying that peace and nonexistance is the same is simply not true if the goal, so to speak, is to find out what happens after. For me, there is no point in being curious, since I will never get an answer. It wouldn't be "I wonder what happens after death" *Dead* "Aah, so that's it." as much as "I wonder what happens after death" *dead* "--"

Yeonni said...

Actually, I think that's what's going to happen. "I wonder what happens after death" *dead* "--" But that doesn't bother me squat. I'll have "peace" in death, and my curiosity will very much be gone. Then of course there's a possibility of something else happening. Like *dead* "Oh shit I'm going to hell", or *dead* "What the fuck, rainbows?" which is also part of the curiosity. Death is a surprise nobody can spoil for you! ^^