Saturday, October 22, 2011

168 Hours

A week has 168 hours, and despite wasting most of them, I always feel they're not enough. And then I waste some more worrying about wasting so many. So I decided to waste one on something slightly more productive; make a list of how my ideal 168hour week would look, if I didn't have to worry about making enough money and all that.

The first thing that happened as I wrote down what I wanted, was that just a normal week, a real week, on my part, is short 20-something hours even at the best of circumstances. That's mostly because I play too much games and get stuck zoning out or cuddling my cat.

So on with the (roughly calculated) imaginary ideal week then:
Sleep 7-8h/d = 49-56h
Food&Related 2h/d = 14h
Hygiene 1.5h/d = 10.5h (includes an averaged out amount for things like laundry)
Total: 73.5-80.5h (and since I like dreaming, I'm going to count on the higher of those.)
Writing&Related 3h/d 5d/w = 15h
Social 2h/d = 14h
Games&Roleplaying 3h/d = 21h
Other Entertainment 1h/d = 7h (tv, movies, music...)
Excersise = 2h
Travel&Transportation = 7h (too much?)
Misc 0.5h/d = 3.5h (dressing, zoning out, pet care...this is counted generously low)
Information 1h/d = 7h (mail, phone, news, magazines...)
Total: 73.5h 

This makes 154 hours.

Which leaves 14 hours. If I had a little more confidence in my own discipline, I'd set 5h a day instead of 3 on writing, but I'm not sure I could keep that up. And if I could sleep less I would. One hour less per night makes 7 whole shiny hours to do other things with, but only if you're not so tired that you're zombieing through those hours. Travel is so high because I counted on things like visiting friends and family now and then. The leftover 14 hours (or 21 if I slept less) would be distributed on things like writing binges, significant other(s), special occasions like birthdays, appointments, more Misc and so on.

This is, above all, a week that is extremely unlikely to ever happen.

The reality-based week I sketched up ended up only barely making sense if I work/study half-time, which is something I've already realized. I'd have to make drastic changes to myself and my life to manage full-time without going insane and failing at everything like I am right now. Also in reality I've cut away the writing, and of course don't exercise, both of which probably does me more harm than help.

I think I'm going to make a time-sheet and see what I do with all my hours for like a month. If I can keep that up (and keep myself honest) maybe it will tell me some (probably very harsh) truths about reality.

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