Thursday, December 20, 2012


I never feel as creative as when I don't have the tools to create. Frustration at not being able to draw, when I haven't drawn anything in months. Hello? Pen and paper? No way.

Losing my phone is like losing half my brain. It's my add-on. I lose functionality when it's offline.

People like my parents think these things are bad. And on some level I understand that there's a risk involved in installing add-ons and depending on tools. But without tools and add-ons, a program is limited to what it was when it began its existence. By weaving these things, electronics, into my existance, in a sense I'm transcending humanity. That sounds horribly like hübris, but what I mean is, while it makes me vulnerable isn't it worth the risk to increase my skill and capacity, to create and see things I couldn't have done without them? Am I missing things I could have done? Yes. But people who don't are missing these things. Everyone are missing 99% of life. Not enough time, or space, or effort, or energy. It's a question of priorities, of choosing what you forego.

If I had the option to install a cybernetic leg to replace my flawed one, I think I would, not only because it would fix my problems but also because I'm curious. Insanely curious. What happens to a human when the things we call human are slowly worked away, replaced with things that now must be human because - I am still human? Right? "Humanity" is bullshit. It's some kind of made-up concept that makes no sense.

Superpowers: awesome not because you get to go invisible or fly, but because you're transcending the traditional sense of what a human is. In a very realistic sense, you're crossing into godhood. You're experiencing something, you cross a bridge that falls away behind you, and you're seeing new ground. On a planet where most things worth seeing have already been discovered and is readily available, what's left to explore is yourself. What would installing chips with cell-phone like capacity into peoples brains do with us? How would it feel? My wish to face these questions and issues first-hand is like the longing for love. 

I can't wait for the future.


Kat said...

We can fly

Riklurt said...

A stone axe or a bear pelt is an upgrade to humans. This is nothing different.

Yeonni said...

while yes we can fly, and flying was quite the experience, I believe doing things more on your own like flying with superpowers amplifies the impression it makes

Nallenon said...

I'm with D on this one, I don't think boarding an airplane wearing a bearpelt and brandishing a stone axe is a step towards godhood.
Probably a step towards a lot of other things, though...

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