Tuesday, March 10, 2015

First Slashfiction Ever

I've read my share of slashfiction; I think it's hard to completely avoid. Add then the brainless suckiness that is conventional porn, and the fact that hentai/yaoi/any japanese stuff quickly becomes... well, boring, in their strict enforcement of (sometimes very very tiresome) cardinal character types. There is good stuff in all above categories, but it's very very rare. So to slashfiction I went, looking for something better, and sometimes found it.

I have never however felt any inclination to write it; it felt weird to occupy a character or real life person. Then one day I watched some Kpop game show and inspiration struck. Like, I mean literally, punched me in the face. So, what can you do when your muse takes to violence? I wrote.

It's fantastic practice for me. I have to work hard to stick to already defined characters, I have to get creative to fit the parts together, I have to write actual sex scenes which before made me roll around on the floor in frustration.

So, I am going to share some of my first work. This is not the very first one, that one is still under construction, and of dubious quality, but this is the second one. I haven't gone over it properly, so consider it somewhat of a prototype, but I am kind of happy with it. (Read: ridiculously happy with it and too proud to hold a coherent conversation about it.) It will help if you know the characters, but it's not necessary. Also this is probably the first time I've written about male genitalia in a public piece of writing, but that doesn't make me nervous. Not a bit. Not at all. Nope.

WARNING: THIS IS GAY KPOP SLASHFICTION for f***k's sake don't read it if you don't want to read stuff like this, why would you. And if you do it anyway, don't come whining to me. If you however have constructive comments, go ahead and contact me. Or just want to squee, squeeing together is the pinnacle of social interaction.

I think I also take requests, to some degree. Yes, I do. It will be interesting.

Here it is: Where You Lead, I Will Follow - MBLAQ Seungho / VIXX Leo

P.S. I'm sorry, Leo-sshi! I hope this doesn't upset you! It's just that you're awesome! Seungho would probably just laugh so I won't apologize to him.

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