Saturday, March 14, 2015

Here and there and now and then

If time and space are all relative, only existing when compared to the things around them, then here isn't so very different from there, on the scale of planets and stars, and now isn't that different from then. Something that is relative, could just as well be zero as it could be one, depending on what it's relative to.

So those you've loved and lost, in a sense, you're with them (or they're with you, it doesn't really matter).

The world telling us what religion has tried to make us believe for as long as we've existed. For as long as we need to believe it, we will, with or without a cross and a book of outdated rules.

Nothing makes me more religious than feeling like a part of the world.

And for someone like me who can't quite seem to adapt to arbitrary rules, like when to sleep or how to love, it's sometimes a great comfort, that relatively, it really, really doesn't matter.

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