Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Overwhelming moment: when you run into the guy you barely know the name of, but just dreamed you had the most amazing sex in the world with.

He looks like Matthew McConaughey gene-modified to my tastes. (That was one hard name to spell having only heard it before!) I believe I have mentioned him before. And the little I know about his personality I like, which can't be said about too many good-looking young men.

And he has a girlfriend. Which can be said about all too many of them.


Rik said...

That's... interesting. I bet that must've been pretty awkward?

Iceye said...

I was slightly off the entire day. And still worked up when I wrote this post, which is why I wrote it at all. ^^ But it was a nice dream.

Sara said...

Hmm sounds like something I would do, though my dreams are most of the time harmless. However there was this one time, after having a long discussion about sex-dreams with Kenneth that I...>_< *trying to forget*