Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A series of reminders to the world:

SketchChallenge-people, get down and give me twenty right now you lazy sons-of-*******.
Bored people, please peer at The Island, of course only for your own salvation.
Partypeople, if you have any more smart ideas, like, I dunno, renting leather string for me, tell me.
The manufacturers of a certain Corepad item, go fuck yourself, then get your job done.
Ninjas, don't play Sid Meier's Pirates! five hours straight unless you have Hulk-wrists immune to pain. But do play it, it's nice.
Gamers, check out the Zero Punctuation game reviews. I guess it's better if you know the games he talks about. But regardless, come on, he's Brittish.
And everyone else, please return those hundred bucks you borrowed. Yes, all of you. What? Don't remember?


Nightflyer said...

Ah, don't be like that (wtf? leather string! Is it really that bad?). It's a dress! We want you to weare one on our 20:th birthday party.

It IS a cocktail party after all. Besides it wont kill you to have it on you for one night.

Too much to ask? Really? Then don't wear it. It's supposed to be fun.

Iceye said...

It's a joke, dudette, chill. ^^ I'd probably wear a leather string too if my dear friends required! =P

Iceye said...

Most of all, I just want you guys to keep me informed so I know what to bring and what to do.

Rik said...

*crashes in through the window, grammar Nazi standard word-gun raised*

It's called a thong! "String" in and of itself does not refer to articles of clothing in the English language! "G-string" does, if you feel compelled to have a term for it!

*crashes out through another window*

Damn, I gotta stop doing this or I'll lose friends.

Other than that I don't have much of a comment, other than that I rolled a twenty so there you go, and I've been having some inconvenient scanner/computer problems making me nearly a week late to my own challenge, which is pretty hilarious.

Nightflyer said...

Phew. All well then. Jokes never sticks on me...

We wouldn't ever ask you to wear a G-STRING. =P

Iceye said...

Superman manly chest-shield anti-nazi attack! ... you're right, I forgot.