Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Weekend summup =P

Well, I was down to K-stad this weekend, and it was nice. Been a long time since I roleplayed last. Though where we ended, it felt like I was caught between following the personality of my character and mess things up, or play nice. I've never been in that kind of situation before; I've always managed to find some viewpoint from which the character would want to do what he has to do, but not this time. Interesting.

Monday was a red calendar day, which I totally forgot, meaning I went to catch the bus at 1400 but realized there were none until 1700. Argh. So I went shopping and came back with A) the book The Game which will be incredibly interesting, I expect, and B) the game Bully which will be equally interesting but in a different way. Both bought from the perspective of psychology.

Now I'm going looking for silver rings, since my parents wanted to buy me something real and lasting for my birthday and no electronics count. How is it women's rings always look like cinderella would if transmuted into jewelry? Translation: I'm going to look for men's rings. Which are too big. I feel a slight ironic reference to something called story of my life. -_-'


Nefandus said...

Rikard bought The Game as well a day or two ago. I'll tell you the same thing I told him: you could've gotten it from me, because I've owned it for a long time (its very good. I'm thinking of practicing some pickup myself for shits and giggles).


Iceye said...

I wanted to own it anyway; the consumer-culture is eating me up! ^^