Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Help wanted!

Okej, skrivprojekten var uppvärmning. Nu ska Antologin sammanställas och jag ska välja ut texter för den, och det är liksom den som kommer "publiceras" eller iaf få en större läsarkrets än min lilla mängd nära och kära. Vilket betyder; beslutsångest! Jag har bestämt att ha med Mellanstadietexten från skrivprojekt 2, fast den är überpersonlig, eller kanske just därför. Men utöver det tänkte jag ha två el fler dikter från skrivprojekt 1 och det är där det skär sig. Vilka? Jag slits mellan kvalité och känsla!

So... help? Suggestions? Quick!


PhaZe said...

In my oppinion you should of course go with the one you like the most, there really is no other way if you ask me.

And I can also say that all of it has quality, just that one is more casual while the others can be seen as deeper. But I myself prefer the casual texts instead of the deep ones, which could also blur my judgement on this matter.

Iceye said...

what? you mean the short stories or the poems here, because it's the poems I agonize over. The story I will take the more casual =P (If you actually mean the poems, I do want to know which single one is casual! ^_-)

PhaZe said...

The casual one was of course "Mellanstadiet" and the other was refering to the poems.

And I just reread your blog entry and saw that I read it wrong. As for the poems, refer to the advice above I guess :P (Except the Casual part *winks*)

Kristin said...

OK, seriously - the're all awsome. Lacking any better criteria I will vote for the ones that I like best: Vad finns där att önska mer? - How can you not love this poem, with all those allitterations and the structure? And Morgonljus because I agree with it and have never before seen such a brilliant description of that feeling. And last but not least that short one in the begining before the idex, although I'm not sure if it counts.

Iceye said...

yay, Kristin! real help! ^^