Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I love poking around with names. Names I choose in my stories are always chosen for a reason; either that the sound of it fits the character, or the meaning, or both. I don't really like parents naming their children and not knowing or caring what it means; there is power in names, at least my inner witch tells me so.

Here're some names I found that I'd scribbled here and there, for many different reasons:

Winona - Eldest daughter
Sahar - Moon
Samson - Sun
Aleda - Small and winged
Kanja - Waterborn
Logan - Little hollow
Aya - Morning light
Joash - Fire of god
Aurora - Dawn
Kevin - Handsome
Cassius - Empty
Jace - Beautiful
Rufus - Red hair
Ariel - Lion of God
Amaranth - Immortal

And, irresistably, the names of friends. Tell me if I forgot someone! Alphabetically:

Anna - Grace; Favor
Alexander - Defender of men (I'll assume that is "men" as in "humans")
Anton - Worthy of praise (though reliable sources claim the meaning of the name is unknown)
Björn - (for non-Swedish speaking or complete idiots:) Bear
Danica - Morning star
Daniel - God is my judge
David - Beloved
Eva - To breathe/To live
Gisela - Hostage, pledge (why would anyone name their daughter "hostage"?)
Isabelle - My god is an oath (???)
Joakim - Established by god
Joel - Yahweh is god (which pretty much means "god is god"... yeah... o_O)
Kennet - Born of fire
Kristin - Follower of Christ/Christbearer
Linda - (unsure, varies from Beautiful to Dragon... -_-')
Love (form of Ludwig) - Famous warrior
Madelen - From Magdala (Magdala being a city, its name meaning "Tower")
Rikard - Power(ful)
Sara - Lady/Princess
Sofia - Wisdom
Therese - Harvest(er)
Viktor - (wanna guess, anyone? ^_-)

For those who have read "About Love", let me illustrate why I chose the names:

Asha - Hope (in Indian. In japanese, it means Born in the Morning)
Adrian - Dark, Rich
Stephanos - Crown
Tempest - Stormy
Terrance - because the meaning is unknown
Lancelot - Servant
Daniel - God is my judge (as mentioned above)
Neander - New man

Funny fact: In old Korean costums it says you should name your child something ugly, like "little pig", so that the demons won't get jealous and hurt her/him. This has no relation to my own name, I assure you, since my parents were reasonably modern.

To divert you from this, let me tell those who don't know that my screenname, Iceye, is the clever combination of "ice" and "eye" and thus you may sense the meaning, as well as the correct pronounciation. In game, though, I tend to go under Breakable, or LucidFortes. The latter of which is an anagram, indeed, of our lately much too little mentioned handsome blonde.


Nightflyer said...

Remember when we looked up the meaning of our names in eight or ninth grade? Well, I remember that in that book Gisela meant 'Solstråle'
and Madelene meant women from Magdala.

Iceye said...

don't really remember -_- but this is a very unprecise science. All my sources assumed that Gisela is derived from Giselle, but I don't know.

Kristin said...

Linda means beautiful in spanish

Rik said...

According to Wikipedia, Gisela and Giselle may actually be unrelated - both are German in origin, but they are based on two different words - "Gisel" and "Gisel" (there's probably a difference in pronounciation somewhere) - Meaning "Pledge, promise" and "Radiant", respectively. So Gisela most likely means "sunray" or "radiant" or somesuch.

On a sidenote, "Richard" means "Powerful ruler" where "Ric" means "Regent" and "Hard" means, well, "Hard". Meaning that directly translated, it's "Kinghard" - which sounds a bit like a Pokémon.

Iceye said...

Either a pokémon or a germanian king of old. Maybe a combination of both. ^^

Älvekatt said...

Wheee! Everybody loves me!