Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thank god my cousin just said she was pregnant

Internal thought processes are awesome.

Situation: christmas celebrations with whole family. Grandma says something along the lines of "hey W (my brother) is the youngest of the people celebrating christmas here." I say, "Yes, he always is (because our cousins and their children celebrate elsewhere)." Grandma answers, "He shouldn't be for much longer should he?" *nudge nudge, wink wink*

Thought process: Are my cousins bringing their children here for christmas, that makes no sense, it's really far away and they have their own families to celebrate with, does she mean that my brother should get children, because he's only seventeen, that's way too young, she can't mean that although sometimes she doesn't think before she speaks, I guess he has been in a steady relationship for a while now, but seventeen still, and I guess they should OH MY GOD SHE MEANS ME!

Solution: *smile and edge away*


Nallenon said...

I support your reaction whole-heartedly.

Kristin said...

Today was the first time I heard any of my parents hinting that it might be time to get started on grandchildren.

Luckily, my brother is 25 (soon 26), has a girlfriend (sambo), a house and a dog :P

Nallenon said...

Sounds like you got your bases covered for a while yet.

Kristin said...

Since I suck and never can remember if your gmail is "theiceye" or "iceyex" I'm posting this here instead:

Detta är inspelat i min hemstad :D Jag brukade åka pulka framför den här byggnaden.

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