Thursday, January 7, 2010

A fleeting feeling

I can no longer skate
This wonderous artform
the only trace it leaves behind in the world
graceful, even lines
shallow on the cold, hard surface
and gentle ripples through cold air,
like flying without wings

I can no longer skate
and don't for a moment think
a blind man can miss sight ever as much
as the one who once saw,
he constantly reminded,
nevermind that the colors in his mind
glow brigther than in the eyes of the seeing.

I can no longer skate
While i borrow the strength
of your thighs and your calves and your wrists
to propell myself forward
like I borrow your eyes to see the world,
the bitterness of flightless creatures
is mine to cherish and to savor.

1 comment:

Sara said...

Westlife have destroyed me. I only got to the flying without wings part and then I couldn't concentrate on the meaning of it anymore, the music in my head was too strong. I shall try again at a later time. Alas, the curse of the 90s is upon me!