Monday, February 1, 2010


Hello. For any other Deadpool fans, there is an animated movie, that's really two animated movies, called Hulk vs. (and this totally fucked up my punctuation so I'm adding this to make it better). In the first part, Hulk vs. Wolverine, we get... well, guess. Not sure how and exactly when this fits in with the general Marvel timeline, or which version of it it is in... whatever. The idea is that Deadpool is in it.

"I shot him in the ass! With one of these! ...what? I did!"

The only thing wrong is that there's too little of him. When Deadpool's teammates try to wring his neck going "don't you ever fucking shut up", he should have blabbered on so much that we the audience, being non-homicidal normal people, want to go "yes God finally! Do it!"

I'm still drawing monsters. Here's the latest little random creation. It's very vanilla but I was just keeping my hands busy while I was talking on the phone.

I erased very little, actually. Kinda proud of that, even if it's just a sketchy thingamabob. I also hate his other arm. That's why it's outside the frame. "I totally ran out of paper... uh monitor! I did!"

And eh, his ears are under the bandana. I, uh, kinda forgot about them.

*EDIT* Please click it? His mouth looks really weird zoomed out like this -_-


Alex said...

Really luff the eyes.
Btw, we need more girl monsters! They can still be hawt, but girl monsters! I refuse to believe that all monsters are male.

Kristin said...

Oh dear! Please be careful - so that she doesn't get the idea to draw boobs again!

Alex said...

The damage is already done, although I don't think they will be hawt this time

Yeonni said...

What is wrong with my boob-drawing-periods :< I'm hurt.