Sunday, January 31, 2010


Writing the earlier post (read that first please if you may) I realized I'm a terrible fan for not staying updated. So I read up, and here's the news:
  • Deadpool movie absolutely and undoubtedly underway.
  • Writers of Zombieland have been confirmed to be writing it.
  • Ryan Reynolds is a looongtime fan of Deadpool, have read the comicbooks and are being a pain in the ass of directors, writers and generally everyone involved, at first by trying to get the movie done and then by trying to get Deadpool right. From the interviews I read (short ones, the man is not a media whore, yay) he seems to have the right idea of what Deadpool is so this is a good thing.
  • Reynolds agrees that what he played in the Origins: Wolverine movie is not what he wants Deadpool to be.
  • And the word is that directors and writers want to make the movie a reboot, not built on the performance in earlier mentioned movie (since it was shitty).
  • There is a really nice picture about, that I don't know where it's from because Reynolds claims there is no Deadpool suit yet and that he has not worn anything along those lines. It's pretty nice. Although obviously Deadpool would laugh his head off at it. I mean, jeez, where's your sense of fun? I bet he'd like to be depicted doing unimaginable things to cute kittens, or maybe holding the severed head of Immortal Man?
So a few worries are calmed. Choice of writers can go either way. Design of suit can go either way. Last line of worry: dialogue. Rumor has it they won't be afraid to break the fourth wall, like they do in the comics (Deadpool talks to the readers every once in a while, and refers to a guy with a typewriter as the "god" of his universe) and that could get interesting. I can see Deadpool narrating himself, or having extensive inner dialogues with himself while cutting people up. Spider-Man failed epically at that, but Zombieland is actually pretty good at inner dialogue now that I think of it, so yeah.

Hope has sprung.

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