Friday, November 12, 2010

CAPS IS THE SHIT DUDE (also Deadpool)

I watched some tv when DEADPOOL happened. See, there was this commercial, and I was like, I know that dude, and then "DEADPOOL! ZOMGZ!" and see, this is really funny. Because when and in what universe would Deadpool be in a manly man commercial about looking hawt and scoring chicks in tight black dresses? At the most, he'd be in a warning ad for STD:s, like "under this sexy mask hides the face of AIDS" or something. And at the same time, it's very fitting, because Deadpool is the manliest man of all, who knows when to taunt his enemies by being totally retarded, and when to run for his life flailing like a chicken.

Woo. That's how I felt when I, alone in my apartment, perked up, pointed at the tv in a widely over-dramatic fashion and yelled "DEADPOOL!". Then I laughed like a pre-adolescent boy laughs at boobs for a few minutes. Really. Not that he doesn't pull it off. It's sexy awesome. It's just that, picturing Deadpool knowing all of this and seeing the commercial for the first time... ahaha xD

Face it. It's because he scored the role that Ryan Reynolds got that commercial. Even the pansies at Hugo Boss know a true man when they see him.

Wow this is a manly post.

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