Monday, November 29, 2010

Contemplate: negative cake.

I don't like cake. Not the normal kind of cake anyway. Some kinds of cake is awesome, but only a limited few.

Does that make me a -person who become -cake?

The big question here is; by not eating cake, do I remove more cake from the world? Or is there some kind of negative cake that I'm spawning, like dark matter?

In that case, I apologize. If it's a bad thing.

Now I want meringue and whipped cream and chocolate ice cream. Meringue. Funny word.


Alex said...

You don't want cake, I want cake. Universal balance.

Now you owe me your cake!

Yeonni said...

Get me meringue and whipped cream and chocolate ice cream and I'll get you cake, deal?

Riklurt said...

Funny, just the other day I was attempting to mathematically generate cake, and negative cake was mentioned.

Negative cake can be made into positive cake if it's multiplied by negative people, in which case you get positive PeopleCake. You can then divide by People to get just Cake. Hence, you being negative to cake, all we need to do is find some anti-cake, multiply you by it, and divide by You (make sure you =/= zero, or it will be disaster), and by magic, we have generated cake!