Thursday, July 14, 2011

beta test

EDIT: Graphical UI now implemented, it was many easier than I thought. And the "bunny" type will work now, and this time I mean it :P The window looks kinda funny... because well, it was easy enough to make it work, but to make it look like I wanted... whole other story./EDIT

I've been playing around with java and have managed to generate something that might work, so now I'd like to see if it really is something to bounce about like a bunny over.

You'll find it here.

I'd love it if some people would like to try the program so I can get some beta test results :) For windows it should be just double-clicking the Evolution.jar file. For Linux, either double click it, but if that just opens a folder you open terminal and go to the file's locaton and write "java -jar Evolution.jar". For mac I have no idea :p

Oh and you need JRE but you should already or I'll be a fat surprisedcat. Otherwise just get it, you'll need it for other things.


Nallenon said...

335 cycles have passed.
There is a total number of 20583 critters alive
with an average score of 5
1 critter(s) have achieved perfection.
[target dna] is a perfected critter of age 0 and heritage 119.

Nallenon said...

I tried changing the marvelously user-friendly settings-file to bunnies rather than standard critters, and it disagreed with me. In very funny ways.
There is currently 5000 critters alive.
The highest scoring critter has a score of 30 for the dna ybregvbakk
It is 0 cycles old.
There are only critters of one gender alive!
Your critters are doomed!
Females: 5000
Males: 0
Remaining: 0
2 critters are ready to breed.
We have 0 newborn Bunny! critters.
There have been 24 spontaneous mutations.
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
at evolution.PopulationAction.mutate(
at evolution.Evolution.main(

Yeonni said...

oh, right, I implemented genders right before I put this up, I forgot the bunnies. All bunnies are female :P

And yes the user settings are fantastic. I'm not improving them because there was always a graphic UI planned. Considering the issues from the settings I've gotten from my beta testers so far, I'm pushing graphic UI to the top of the to-do list. But it will still take a while I think, because I've never done anything remotely like it before.

Anyway, the bunnies are now fixed.

Alex said...

Looks great with the gui! I had to hit [Enter] key in the target dna for it to use my custom text (might need to make it update on any keypress_down or textbox_lostfocus or something similar in java)

Wonder if the text output slowed it down alot, maybe not show all the text in the left window, and just have the visualization of numbers updating pr cycle, like:
Females: 17846
Males: 18959
Remaining: 0
etc etc

When using rabbits, i need to click Stop and Run again pr cycle for some reason.

Yeonni said...

The text output didn't make an awefully big difference as far as I could tell, I did it without in the beginning. That it's as slow as it is can only be attributed to my bad programming :P But I managed to make two threads run simultaneously, that's my big achievement in all this! (Meaning, the simulation can run and you can still push buttons like "Stop".)

Yeonni said...

Also damned you bunnies!!!

Kristin said...

188 cycles have passed.
The first perfect critter came to be through mutation.
There have been 0 disasters, sending 0 critters to a violent and/or tragic death.
In total 141061 critters have died of various reasons.
There have been 0 cycles without breeding to prevent overpopulation.
150717 critters have been born during the course of this evolution,bringing the total number of critters to have lived to 155717.
There is 14656 critters alive at this time,and they have an average score of 6.
The average critter lifelength is 10 cycles.
The worst score any critter had at its death was 166 for the dna [awgnqcxxav].

I tried to set my own target DNS, but it went for [target dna] :(