Monday, September 19, 2011

Crazy yelling Asian girls.

Mucking about on the computer on bed, with the window open so Loki can come and go as he wants. The way the window opens, you can't see my bed from outside, and I can't see out. So I hear the sound of Loki jumping into the windowsill, and the silhouette of his head looking inside. Odd, Loki usually jumps straight in.
"Oh hai," I say, sticking my head forward prepared to cuddle.
The cat turns and looks right at me, very calmly, and the light reflects in its eyes that way it does in cat eyes so they shine. And I realize, it's not Loki - in fact it's a cat identical to my grandmother's cat that died a few months back. With those demon eyes staring at me from about two decimeters away my brain goes "GHOST! INTRUDER! DANGER!", and I get a rush similar to if a stranger would stick their head into my room with a pocket knife.
"OUT!" I yell like a crazy woman at the poor cat, that looks at me with normal eyes now since it's turned away from the light. I fly out of bed, but neither the yelling nor the action fazes it. If it had eyebrows, one would slowly go up and the other down.
By now I've realized it's not a ghost, and it's not there to bite my face off because I took pictures of it a day before it died. Just a new cat I haven't seen around, that's oddly unafraid of crazy yelling Asian girls in nightgowns. So I stand in the middle of the room, and the cat sits on my windowsill, and we probably feel equally stupid.
It shouldn't sit there anyway, inside is Loki's territory that I should protect. So I shoo it a little. It looks gravely offended and turns around and leaves.

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