Sunday, September 4, 2011

Setting the Stage

I've been working on a top50 movies imo list. It's impossible. It's like some kind of quantum-time-space-mechanics behind liking things, because I look at movie A and movie B and rate movie A higher, then look at movie C and think it's better than A but worse than B.

To make it at all possible I decided that it's only a top50 in the sense that those on the list are better than those not on the list. I'm not saying these are the movies with the best story ever, or the best screenplay, or the best music score, but rather those that stuck with me, no matter if it was because it was thought-provoking or immensely entertaining, or whatever.

So in essence, one could say I'm making a list of the 50 movies I am most likely to recommend to any given person on any given day.

Now, feel free to make your own lists! Top 10 or top 100, or whatever. Like always I'm making this list because I'd really like to have your lists :D Setting the example and hoping for everyone to follow! :P I need a little while longer though, I have like 15 movies competing for the last 5 spots on my list, and it's bloody difficult! It should come around sometime next week.


Sara said...

I could try, but most of the movies I watch are crap. Well I'll try... :)

Yeonni said...

There's no academic standard for a top 50 :P Just make a top 10 or something if you don't have so many movies you like, besides, liking a movie is not based on how many oscars it won or what kind of profound statements it made about life - I have several kids' movies and comedies and general unserious stuff.

Riklurt said...

This... sounds hard. I don't think I could make it past 10, certainly - 50 would be way too much to keep track of.

Yeonni said...

And also I'm late... but it's coming, it's coming.

Well, Rik, it obviously depends on how many movies you've seen and what your "good movie" expectancy is. I am also helped by the fact that I've tended to write a quick opinion of most movies I've seen the past four years or so.