Thursday, September 22, 2011

The end of a story

So my computer died and stuff so that top movie list will come around later. Right now what I want to tell you is that I finished that awesome thing I was writing. Finishing a story is always equal parts excitement and great pain, because yay it's finished, but boo it's finished :P Same as when a good movie or game finishes but bigger.

Anyway I'm not posting it here for all the world to see because it needs proofreading and opinions and revisions and all that cool stuff, and also because it's more important to me than the other stuff up on this site. So I know you're all a busy lot with your own lives to keep together, but if anyone would feel like taking the important task to polish it, I'd be very happy. It's 80 pages, in English, and I have both just mechanical proofreading of spelling and grammar in mind as well as opinions on the content and the way I present it. Harsh opinions if need be, because I really, really want this one to be good and I will take any kinds of abusive reviews if it can help me get there.

It also needs a title. So if you want to read it just to help me put a title on it, then that would also be an option.


ShadoWolf said...

Congratz!!! That's wonderful :D I'd love to read it (since I won't be doing much fun for a while after next week anyway) but..are you sure you want to put it up to the test right away? No little nap in the drawer to settle so you can reawaken it for yourself some time later and do the final check up before you let others poke and pinch at your "baby"? ;)

Nallenon said...

I can't promise I'll have time to look at it, what with the essay and all, but if you send it, the odds of it happening will go up dramatically.

Nightflyer said...

I'd love to read it. Might not be able to help much with grammar or spelling, but I'm sure i could contribute in some way with the story stuff. =)

Yeonni said...

I am actually sure that even if I let it nap a while, I wouldn't change too much. There is one part that might not stand up to the test, but I want other's opinions on it before I change it, because I've rewritten it so many times now that I need some input to help me.