Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Start

Started school this monday, today's thursday, I get my computer down here on sunday. So now I'm using a crappy old school computer that I just don't want to be seen with. Writing here on english might be a good idea, because from now on it'll be a lot more swedish than I'm used to, and I can already feel it kill my english vocabulary.

Watched a theatre called En herrgårdssägen by Selma Lagerlöf today, just got back actually, and it was pretty good. We had to read the book first, which I think was kind of a waste. It had been better to read it afterwards, because the theatre really said everything that was needed, so it got a bit long to watch when you already knew everything that was going to happen, and every line of dialogue they used. But the stage and the equipment was really top-of-the-art stuff, pretty good experience alltogether.

This thing about starting a new school, it's always a pain. Making new friends may be fun something, but face it, it's a lot better with people you already know. Unfortunately I'm still too young to be satisfied with the friends I already have. I long until I'm forty and feel like I don't need more friends. Then I can just settle back and be social when I want to, and not just when I need to.

I've made friends, sure. But I'm never sure of where I'm standing, and it's not like I'm anybody's best friend. I'm glad I have the folks from IB and everywhere, because this would be a lot harder on me if I couldn't call them to blow off some social pressure steam sometimes.

Speaking of, go to for an update on the lives of our friendly neighborhood spiderlings, spreading their nets all over the world.

Otherwise the school has really welcomed me well. I mean, most places I could have gone I would not have made friends this fast anyway, and it's mostly my own fault that I'm feeling uncomfortable. Damn I want to be a little less fragile, thank you.

Our bus passed the road to K's place on the way to the theatre in Sunne. I didn't think it would matter, I mean he left a while ago and I've had plenty of time before and after to get used to the idea, and the mere thought of me getting upset because we passed a damn piece of asphalt is just ridiculous. But I am the way I am, sadly, and when I'm forty I'll probably have accepted that too. It got me thinking about him, and I miss him. Weirdly. I'm a strong independant woman. Or I will be, at least.

Well, I'm gonna go get busy on the phone for the next five hours or so so that I get distracted from everything else today. See ya.

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