Wednesday, December 3, 2008

An Advent Tale III

Ray yawned and stretched and went out into the living room to see if someone else was bored, and was met by the sight of Melody arguing with some young man he’d never seen before. She was trying to explain the concept of vampirism and that it was indeed real, but the less the guy understood the more agitated she got until it sounded more like a fight. Ray decided to make an attempt at breaking in.

“Hi,” he said, walking over and holding out his hand. “I don’t think we’ve met.”

The man turned towards him and, with heartbreaking desperation, said: “I need help!”

Ray stopped. “Okay?”

“This is Julian,” Melody said and explained the situation as far as she knew.

“You want us to take you to a city?” Ray asked.

Julian shook his head so that flakes of frost and snow flew off of him and started melting in little puddles on the floor. “I have to find Sam! My girlfriend, I have to find her.”

Ray seemed to think for a moment. Then he shrugged and nodded. “Okay.” Melody took a deep breath. Ray did the same, but called out: “Aiden!”

Out from another of the little bedrooms of the cottage came a giant of a man, completely dressed in black, peeking in through the doorway as if he was extremely busy elsewhere. “What’s all this yelling about?” he demanded.

“Julian wants us to go find his friend Sam,” Ray said and patted Julian’s shoulder.

Aiden thought for a moment and then, too, shrugged and nodded. “Okay.” He left his doorway and started looking around for shoes. “Where are we looking first?” he asked, pulling on his black coat.

While Ray said he didn’t really know and maybe Julian had an idea, Melody sighed and watched with a growing sense of coming disaster as they made plans about making plans. “Could this maybe wait until tomorrow night?” She asked. “Besides, we don’t know who this guys is, it might be a trap. And how long has he walked anyway? And he hasn’t eaten in forever…” But it was useless because the three men were already going out the door.


Rik said...

You're dedicated indeed to make this post just past the midnight. I'm confused and intrigued by this story.

Kristin said...

All the better for me. This makes for excellent morning reading over breakfast!

Sara said...

I'm starting to see things in this that might not be there in the first place...*I'll never tell*

Sara said...

Or maybe they are there OMG!! I'm so slow, why didn't I see this before hahaha this is so much fun XD

Kristin said...

You do realize that by talking to yourself you are being highly annoying? :P And if you indeed have realized something about the story I must be slower, because I haven't...

Iceye said...

XD this is so much fun indeed.

Rik said...

The Chinese one and I made the connection to-day while we were waiting for pronounciation tests to begin. You're subtle, my friend.

Eva said...

Gawd, I made it pretty immediately. I thought everybody else did as well. Until I spoke with Rik today. The difference between your calendar and mine is that you're not as blatant and brutal and obviously in our faces. But Me'likes. Alot. And it's much more well-written than mine ;)