Thursday, December 18, 2008

An Advent Tale XVIII

“I have gotten some information about our enemy, though,” Elaine said. “His objective might be more complicated than what we anticipated. He may be working for someone else, and I don’t want to theorize on how powerful that person must be.”

“Someone else?” Kati said disbelievingly.

“Some say he’s working for someone on the other side of the ocean. Some up and rising Lancea Sanctum creep with megalomania. If that is true, and he is heading this way, it means he might be aiming at preparing this region for the Lancea Sanctum’s arrival. We’ve gone uncontested in this territory so long, I guess that was to be expected.”

“But what’s he doing?” Aiden asked. “If he’s only defending himself, and only travelling here and there, and not talking to anyone.”

“That’s what’s so evil about this plan!” Elaine explained. “No one can figure out how it’s supposed to come together! But no matter who he works for and what he wants, he’s made it quite clear that he’s hostile. And regardless, a mortal who knows about vampires is always unsettling. Anyway, if he’s coming this way like you said then he must be coming through the tunnels. It’s the easiest mode of transportation to go unnoticed. Large amounts of tunnels and not enough vampires to guard them.”

“He’ll come from the south.”

Elaine seemed thoughtful. “I sent some of my best that way on another mission, but I haven’t heard anything from them since.”

“Worth heading that way and take a look,” Kati said.

“Good suggestion,” Aiden agreed. “Let’s run right at the crazy vampire-killing mortal. May I also suggest we find the others first so that we can all die together?”

“They’ll be going that way too, to rescue Sam,” Kati said. “Come on now, let’s go.”


Eva said...

Love that pic :) Looks very much like anonymous :D

Iceye said...

I wonder if anyone is taking these hints I give... what? That's my part of fun here, only posting all the time :D