Wednesday, December 24, 2008

An Advent Tale XXIV

Up to them stepped a man in uniform, and the impressiveness of his charisma was only matched by the width of his chest and the whiteness of his teeth. He saluted them with a friendly smile and looked them over.

“Well, I can tell we have a winner right here,” he said and reached out and shook hands with Julian. “Congratulations!”

“What?” Julian said, blinded by all the attention and this sudden change of events.

“Ah, excuse my manners,” the man said. “I am Derek, I am in charge of public relations. And safety. And finances. Oh, hello Leigh.” He shook the human’s hand as well. Leigh still looked grumpy and went off to climb a building to get his mind off his defeat.

“Wait, what? In charge of what?” Kati wanted to know.

“Ah, let me explain. The Lancea Sanctum will be pushing a political campaign in the area, and we thought we needed a local to speak for us while we’re off elsewhere. My boss, wise as he is, knows that it’s the woman behind the man that counts. So we agreed that the couple with the strongest woman coming to our Christmas Party would take charge in this region.”

“See?” muttered Benji.

“In charge of the region?” Julian said.

“This guy’s so fresh he can’t tie his shoes,” Kati said. “And don’t think you can just waltz in here like that, the Invictus…”

“Obviously he’s the most suitable man,” Derek declared and went on to shake Sam’s hand. “It can’t be doubted! Ah, well, I am needed elsewhere. Please enjoy the party; we will sort the paperwork out tomorrow. Tonight is Christmas, after all!”

And he was gone.

It was silent for another ten minutes. Then the star atop the tree released Ray from its magical spell, and he yawned and stretched and looked around if anyone else was bored.

“Hey guys, look, presents!”


Nightflyer said...

^^ This was great. But somehow you forgott to put yourself in the story... =P

Nightflyer said...
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Eva said...

Awesome xmas tale :D

Iceye said...

No worries, my dear friends, I do figure in this story in a slightly distant, but yet important role.

With some careful reading and consideration, you might see through the veil of fancy writing that I've hidden behind, see this entire story you could say is written in my own glory. First hint; there are de facto 12 very obvious roles, 2 more obscure added in part 21, and then there are the two more adding depth and mystery... one of which is me. Have anyone figured it out?

Eva said...

I think I figured the obscure parts in 21th chapter, but only because there was "Elaine's best". Talking about the distant self of our storyteller, I reckon that you use the name you use to use in your other short stories, so basicly, this story is a tribute to yourself :)

About the rest of the two adding depth and mystery, I havn't, I have to say, but It was really funny entertainment to figure out whomever the other was :D

Iceye said...

Hm, I don't understand what you mean about me using the name I use? Although it is true that in some ways this could be seen as a tribute to myself.

Second hint; of the twelve obvious roles there is one person obviously missing, aside from myself. Only the person in question isn't missing, but is one of our "depth and mystery" characters, and is mentioned quite clearly. Once you figure this out, you're much closer to figuring out how I fit into the whole thing.

Kristin said...

Obviously, either you or Kenneth is the Lancea Sanctum leader. Other than that I really don't know what the hell it is I'm supposed to figure out.

Nallenon said...

I approve of this story.

Sara said...

Well since Kenneth is the leader of Lancea Sanctum, could that mean you are the real leader, since it is the woman behind the man that counts??

Iceye said...

Yay, you got it Sara XD Lol, and lol at Nalle's approval as well. Thank you, Nalle.