Thursday, December 4, 2008

An Advent Tale IV

Julian wasn’t really sure how this had happened, but he had borrowed a warm black coat from the man called Aiden, who apparently had a whole stash of warm black coats. He was walking through the forest again, through the dark and the silence, but this time accompanied by three others. He didn’t really know them, but something told him that Ray would do whatever he could to help, and the others would follow. Maybe it was because it soon was Christmas.

“What happened to your Sam?” Aiden asked.

Julian thought back, but his mind went blank somewhere along the way. “I… don’t remember,” he said.

“Tell us about her, then,” Ray suggested.

“We met some time back, things just happened,” Julian remembered. “I’ve gone to her place every night since.” Something slowly dawned to him. “Every… night…”

The other three exchanged glances.

“I… I don’t think I’ve ever seen her during the day… but that’s ridiculous. She’s small.” He held up a hand to show the measurements. “And… young. She’s not a vampire. Vampires are tall and dressed in red and…”

“Stupid, apparently,” Melody added. “If they all walk around looking distinctively vampiric. Hard to blend in, wouldn’t you think?”

Julian went silent and thoughtful.

“Well, since it is soon Christmas,” Melody went on, “I suppose we could return the pet to the master.”

“But I’ve never heard of a small, blonde vampire girl around here,” Ray said.

“Hm, maybe we should ask someone,” Aiden said.

“Yes!” Ray said and lit up like a candle. “Of course! Shana knows a lot of things! She might know something useful!”

“Is she one of us too?” Julian asked.

“A mage,” Melody said. “Quite some difference.”

“Then isn’t this a bit late to go visit?”

Melody just smiled. “No sleep for the wicked,” she said.


Sara said...

Love the pic!

Kristin said...

Yeah, it's hilarious!