Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ayyy Girl

Been listening to that album I mentioned by JYJ over and over the past days, it grows on me. The songs that at first sound cool turn out a bit boring, and the songs that you forget in the beginning between every listen suddenly won't get off my brain - I find myself humming them every time I zone out for a second.

Music is an easy way to tap into my brain, by association. I rather like my music with a bit of visuals to it; a music video always appeals, especially since the kind of cheesy coolness generally displayed is just my taste. Music can also be a key for emotions or memories, mental or physical.

Like right now, the music video for one of the songs on the album has a typical cheesy cool dance, but there's this segment where the music is awesome but the dance is really... funny. Adorable, actually, like a stupid, happy dog. And every time that part plays, I get the sweetest of impulses to do the dance, and get invariably giggly happy.

In the same way, shouting along in my mind with the guitar-drum-chaos of a rock song can make me feel really dark and cool, or flicking my tongue over the "Dont'cha wish your girlfriend was hawt like me!" makes me the sexiest little thing in all the world.

But the giggly happy ones are the best. Closely followed by the smooth-and-suave ones.

That's how I listen to music.

And parody songs are the spawn of the devil! Bleh, I hate those... >.>


Rik said...

Parody songs as in parodies of existing songs á la Weird Al, or original novelty songs that parodize someone?


Incidentally, I spent a good 30 minutes today brooding in the darkness while listening to the Cruxshadows. Afterwards I felt rather ridiculous, but it was great while it lasted.

Yeonni said...

Mostly all kinds of parody songs. Mostly already existing ones but to large extent also the other.

Riklurt said...

I kinda have to disagree with you then. I think music and comedy, in general, can go well hand in hand. But I agree that the Weird Al variant of rewriting the lyrics is annoying.