Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dream Quest Royale, extra cheese

Finally a dream without that strange feeling.
At a party, there was this girl I'd known for a long time, we were friends really. She usually hung out with a vampire that I only knew a little bit. We'd flirted a bit casually before, but tonight we actually kissed. It wasn't an outspoken promise, but it was a big step towards love. But I was suspicious of the vampire, and went back after the party was over. As I'd thought, he was much more than friends with her. At first I felt betrayed, but then she told me, not with her voice but with her eyes, that her consent in their relationship was twofold; she was afraid of him, and she didn't dare tell him that she was afraid of him.
You can't fight a vampire for me, her eyes said, reflecting the little worried voice inside of me.
I left, but as I did I thought; You better believe I can.

So is this my grand dream quest? Starting a battle for love with a vampire, that would mainly be carried out in the mental and social areas, because the vampire was rather civilized. It bears striking resemblance to the quests of old; save the maiden from the evil monster. It's also insane.

There was also this intense moment, that I can't remember how it connected to the rest, where there was this guy, and I put my hand behind his neck and brought his head to mine so our foreheads rested together, and I said; "It's gonna be ok." And the feeling of connection was just overwhelming, it was like merging into another being, mind body and soul.
Was it me? My male side? Because that scene was the only point in the entire dream that I was female.

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Riklurt said...

Well, your description sounds like almost a perfect descriptions of a tarot card: VI, Lovers.

The Lovers card asks the question "What do you seek in the people you love? What do you need to become complete?"

(the Lovers card represents unity in duality, the fusion of two opposites, hence the "completeness" clause)

Also, vampires are a classical symbol of unchecked sexuality. If one is to do a Jungian/Freudian approach (and also take a complete stab in the dark, but I feel like guessing) my guess is that this might represent an inner struggle between sexual desire and more platonic love. Saving the maiden from the monster usually holds such connotations in fairy tales as well: the monster represents unhindered sexuality, the Big Bad Wolf who takes Little Red Riding Hood to bed, and devours her.