Sunday, February 20, 2011


So there's a slowly creeping number of followers O.O At first I ignored it because I figured it was my RL friends, but it's not. Then I figured that it must be spammers. But I guess it could be real people actually following this blog, which feels kinda odd, since mostly I'm just rambling on about nothing much at all. At this rate, maybe I'll be famous when I'm 100... I'd also be famous as the "randomly rambling girl", oh yeah baby. I guess I'd rather be known for my stories, or perhaps my fabulous success at League of Legends or Killing Floor (I know I shouldn't, but I can't help but want to yell "You just got beat by a GIRL!" every time I win), but I'm not complaining.
Actually when I started this blog, there was a lurking thought at the back of my head that if I kept myself online, maybe one day it would trick the right person into reading my stories and suddenly BAM I'd be lunching with Johnny Depp about his upcoming part in the movie based on my bestselling book. (Yeah, I'd rather have had Heath Ledger, but even in fantasy-land I don't bring back the dead.)
This is even more silly now considering I'm barely writing a word at the moment. Books don't write themselves.
Anyway, if there are any real people among my followers (oooh I feel like Jesus), then it'd be nice to get a "hi" out of you at least (I bet Jesus did!) ^^

Ahhhh *sigh* this feels so silly...

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