Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where my money goes

The big titles of this (half of the?) year:

The Witcher 2
Dragon Age 2
Killzone 3

Sequels all of them...
Then some other stuff...

The Last Guardian - except who knows if it actually exists or if wild gnomes stole and ate it.
Ratchet & Clank A Crack in Time - that I've wanted forever but for some reason never buy.
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep - that I want but don't really want to play :p it seems annoying but the story is fun.
Valkyra Chronicles - the new one on PSP that I'm holding off until I've finished the PS3 one... and you know how good I am at finishing games...
And of course... the next Final Fantasy... yes it's basically only for nostalgic, loyal reasons... and character design...

Big lack of mmm guys in all the games I play lately. Not just visually; character wise. I'm trying to think of a cool guy and it's really really sad that the only I can come up with is Ezreal or Kassadin, although landing Ez would probably also land me in jail since he looks about... fourteen. Kassa is just cool. This includes The Witcher, League of Legends, (Killing Floor, lol), Starcraft... I really need a new Squall. People underestimated FF8, methinks, and the sublime depths of his mind woooo. Also fur-lined leather. Yes, gimme a well-dressed man, damnit! How hard can it be! To those who thought Isaac looked like a toaster in Dead Space: No, he looked cool, but now he certainly looks like a toaster in DS2. Also they've done a character of him in Dragon Age 2 that you get if you buy DS2, and he looks so damned awesomely fun(ny) that I consider buying DS2 just for that :D No I don't know why I thought of Isaac... oh yes, because thinking about well-dressed men always makes me think of speedway drivers, and the suit has sort of the shape of a speedway driver suit except for the helmet and the spine thingy.

Hey! I just realized Darksiders don't have any pretty boys I can chase, which means it's even more praiseworthy because my love for it isn't based on some female hormone running rampage. Not a lot of female hormones overall in that game, it made *me* feel like the manliest most badass dude on the planet - awesome! ^^ Also the horse rocks. Hold on wait... are there women in that game? I can't recall a single one. No boobs? Can an awesome game exist without boobs? Ahh no right the freaky scary fanatic angel woman. She has boobs. But she utterly freaks me out so... now I'm trying to think of what kind of guy would actually get the hots for her and... disturbing thought. I don't think she's a booth-babe, besides when you meet her you're usually too busy keeping her sword out of your spine to think about boobs. That's how women should be! ;D Hmmm... not a single cheap flirting line or women-degrading quest or anything. That might just add to the awesomeness and general manliness of the game actually.

Geralt, you're nice and all (not really) but I really have no idea what women see in you. Also the women you score are either whores or bitches, so I guess you get the fish you bait for. Tip: if you look for game portraits of actual cool, hawt women, don't play the Witcher lol. My cat is more complex than the women in that game, and I don't have a cat. If this is how women are, no wonder I'm game-straight. (I'm making an exception for Lightning, but then again everyone knows she's a female Cloud.)

Woohoo this post got longer and longer and longer and longer... It also is really only relevant to myself heh. I would add pictures just to make it longer but I can't be bothered. Google it! Or don't! Google eats your brain!


Nightflyer said...

Hahahaha ^^ lol very funny ramblings

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Rockspost is rocks