Monday, March 21, 2011

A new superhero is born!

Static electricity cat fears: Bikes (moving), Joggers, Plastic Trash Cans (this may be the effect of traumatizing treatment by housekeepers)
Static electricity cat is not afraid of: Other Cats, Collars, Yelling, Static Electricity
Static electricity cat likes: Cat Carrying Bag, Food, Sticking Nose In Streaming Water, Lollipop Sticks, Biting Human Hands (play), Sleeping On Humans, Talking Back (probably witty comments but since I don't speak cat...)
Defining traits: Static electricity cat has the vaguely disturbing but welcome habit of NOT clawing people in that cat-characteristic way when feeling good. So scratching behind ears is safe. Aside from getting play-bitten.
Place of Power: The Chair. However continually stolen by the housekeeper, it is really because Static electricity cat is so nice and lets her borrow it, generously wanting to share its awesomeness and mystic powers.
Tactics: Static electricity cat will sneak up on you, slap you in the face and give you a static electricity jolt for good measure. This tactic is mainly employed on other cats. It is not aggressively used upon humans, but rather in a defensive way giving you a jolt when you touch him. Static electricity cat appears resistant to his own powers.
Weakness: Static electricity cat need to recharge his static electricity by running back and crawling all over the sofa in between.
Nemesis: Coca Cola


Riklurt said...

This sounds terrifying.

Kristin said...

I eagerly await the first issue of this comic :P

Sara said...


Nightflyer said...

Coca Cola? =P

Yeonni said...

Coca Cola indeed.

Prince Jerry said...

i love your blog!!!!