Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kitteh LOL

So... I'm gonna be that annoying person who never communicates with any human being without telling a cute cat story. See my cat tends to sit on the most out-of-the-way flat space on the desk, which happens to be my drawing pad, which is a Bamboo Pen & Touch, and that last part means you can also use it like a laptop's touchpad. And little Loke's paws are exactly the right size to register as a finger. Then there's some buttons that are very easy to press, and a few "finger gestures" that mean special commands. So I'd be playing, say, Dragon Age, and just got into a fight where I'm surrounded by sixteen darkspawn and a mage channeling a fireball, when the cat goes LOL and alt-tabbs me out of the game. Which does not pause, when alt-tabbed. Hilarity ensues, particularly if I've forgotten to quick-save.

Kitty is also being a kitten and chasing my mouse pointer around, or attacking the lead character when I'm running around in DA or WoW. It's lucky he's not using claws, because I think my screen would disagree to that. In total though he's a very well-behaved cat. Yes, I will blog about something other than cat eventually. I'm working on a thing, actually, so when that's finished I'll be all deep and artistic and emo. Ahh the certainty of when an artist says "when I finish this I'll... " :D

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Nallenon said...

I approve of the new and updated catoblog :)