Friday, March 4, 2011

Press Publish Post

The voice control feature in Windows 7 is an unending source of amusement. For one it's really fun to be able to put my headset on the kitchen counter and yell "press b!" when i'm doing dishes and Winamp switches to the next track of music, but that's basically the most useful use I've found for it. It's decently good at recognizing voice commands, although some features like the "switch to" is a bit blunt; for example I can say "start Winamp" to start it and "start Steam" to start that, and I can switch to Winamp, but saying "switch to Steam" doesn't do anything. UNLESS you have Dragon Age running, because in that case, whatever you try to switch to that isn't Winamp (yes my voice recognition loves Winamp) it switches to Dragon Age. Even if I'm saying "switch to catfuck", I get Dragon Age. Which is somewhat impressive. Otherwise if I say something it doesn't understand it simply ignores me.

Now all I need to do is program a synthesized voice that can read out the messages that the voice recognition gives. Like if I say "press b" it gives a message that says "pressing b", or if I say something it doesn't understand it answers "I don't understand", so simply adding a voice that reads those out loud I'd have a computer that I can have conversations with, in a way. Although I have no idea how to do that. Or what use I'd have of it. But it would be cool!

PS. I tried to read this in but it was many annoying with all the "'s and caps and all so that was abandoned. I did publish it solely by voice though! Saying "view post" presses "view blog" but whatever :P

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