Thursday, May 28, 2009

Artificial Intelligence

There are so many things I wonder that begin something like this:

I wonder what people would do if X happened,
I wonder if it would be possible to make people do X if you did X
I wonder if Love's school politics would actually work on kids,

and many more like it. But human experiments, aside from being a tad bit difficult to organize without time, money and say, expertise, are highly immoral and make people upset. And I see the sense of this.

But! If we actually manage to create artificial intelligence on the same level as the human mind, then we can do all these experiments and finally find out what...

... wait.



Loverboy said...

Of course it works...

Iceye said...

I admire your passion, but am at heart one that never trusts in anything. Even if someone conducted these experiments and gave me the restults, I wouldn't trust them either, only be slightly more likely to act as if I did trust in them. All in all, though, since I share most of your opinions, I do believe it would work. It would just be interesting to know.